LOUVERS! Vertical Louvers All Over! NOTHING BUT LOUVERS!

Are you unaware of what louvers are?  Would you like me to explain what they are to you? Are you annoyed that I keep asking questions, wasting time being funny, and sidetracking myself from just saying what louvers are? Well congratulations, I’ll help you out with that problem. Anyway, louvers are essentially a set of shutter-like fin devices that allow or prevent light and air from entering any space.  To the left (to the left…I apologize) is a house in Japan that is, well, more louver than house, but those giant white fins allow shadows to move around the home’s interior — depending on what time of day it is.   Continue reading “LOUVERS! Vertical Louvers All Over! NOTHING BUT LOUVERS!”

A House in Sayo That’s More HALLWAY Than House!

Oh the hallway. The often short and narrow space that leads to and from one interior space of a house to another.  Sometimes (more than not) , transitioning form one space to another doesn’t even need a hallway, just a wall with an opening.  It’s almost sad to see the  interior corridor in homes go the way of the do-do bird…yeah, I know I’m exaggerating.  However, instead of multiple, smaller hallways in homes, how about having one hallway that connects EVERY room?   Continue reading “A House in Sayo That’s More HALLWAY Than House!”