The Scaffold Match: Going High Just To Fall Down

Here’ s an image from a scaffold match between the Rock ‘N’ Roll RPMs with Eric Embry taking on The Fantastics and Steve Simpson from World Class Championship Wrestling on May 3rd, 1987.  As you may notice from the picture, there’s a serious lacking of the trademarked squared-circle, i.e. the wrestling ring. In case the guy in the image hanging off the scaffold has you raising your eyebrows, let’s talk about this type of match, and watch a clip from that match as well.   Continue reading “The Scaffold Match: Going High Just To Fall Down”

WWE Classics on Professional Wrestling in Texas

Dusty Rhodes, Cowboy Bill Watts, Jim Ross and Michael Hayes join host Gene Okerlund on the show WWE Classics for a roundtable discussion of the greatest Superstars to come out of Texas (for example: The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Terry Funk, Stan Henson, Dick Murdoch, Dusty Rhodes, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Von Erich family, Eddie & Chavo Guerrero, Booker T, John Bradshaw Layfield, Paul London, Billy Gunn, etc.) and top events from the Lone Star State. (WrestleMania 17 & 25, and many more).   Continue reading “WWE Classics on Professional Wrestling in Texas”