CHIKARA Pro: A Quick Introduction

One of my favorite wrestling promotions in the country is definitely CHIKARA (or “CHIKARA Pro”), based out of the city of Brotherly Love (a suspect nickname considering the generalization of the Eagles’ fan base), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2002 by professional wrestlers Mike Quackenbush and “Reckless Youth” Tom Carter (who also serve as wrestling trainers), CHIKARA takes its name and logo from the Japanese kanji meaning of “strength”. The promotion is influenced by the lucha libre style, as its performers are grouped into técnicos (babyfaces, or good guys) and rudos (heels, or villains). Similar in the style of lucha libre, many of CHIKARA’s talent have also performed under masks and with unique gimmicks.   Continue reading “CHIKARA Pro: A Quick Introduction”