The Weekn’der, designed by Lazor Office (NOT Located on the Head of a Shark…)

© George Henrich

When explaining some of the features of their Week’nder building, located in Ashland County, Wisconsin, design firm Lazor Office states that the structure opens and closes, as the façades transition from transparent and bright to dark and opaque as you transverse around the exterior or the interior. The wood (plywood and pine) and steel (corrugated and smooth) supported building’s design and construction is based on two prefabricated modules delivered by truck and ferries, minimal concrete for foundation and bottle jacks instead of a crane. The combined parallel modules contained the three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room and additional infrastructure, and were joined together with a shared gable roof that itself created an shared and tent-like “dry-space”. The aforementioned design and structural materials give the weekend getaway cabin a rustic feel, as well as a additionally balanced coordination of various colors and textures. Continue reading “The Weekn’der, designed by Lazor Office (NOT Located on the Head of a Shark…)”

The Bala Line House Sticks Out for ALL The Right Reasons…

© Bob Gundu

Over in Toronto, there lie historic, decommissioned rail lines located between the residential areas and the river valley habitats, which were once used in the city’s industry-focused heydays. Nowadays, the rail lines are used for pedestrian traffic due to the local ravine pathway system linking to the newly developed community areas that include a farmer’s market and much more. Now, one of the lots in that area is the site of a 2,400 square-foot single-family home, the Bala Line House (designed by Williamson Chong Architects), for a family of five, providing a private element within and connected to the public space while reclaiming the local ravine as a new public realm deserving of worthiness. Continue reading “The Bala Line House Sticks Out for ALL The Right Reasons…”

Here’s How Portland is Showcasing The Future of Architecture…

The Future of Architecture Is Already Happening in Portland

Now, what is Framework, you ask?  Essentially it’s a look into the future of urban architecture in America, and it’s starting in Portland, Oregon.  Also, one of the two winners of a design contest for high-rise buildings is built from wood, and once that 12-story building is completed, it’ll be one of the tallest wooden buildings in the United States. Hopefully, this will spark the inspiration for more similar buildings in the country. Continue reading “Here’s How Portland is Showcasing The Future of Architecture…”

Watch this Tiny Toolbox TRANSFORM into an ENTIRE Woodshop!

This Tiny Toolbox Transforms Into an Entire Woodshop

OK everyone, it’s time for a survey. I want to know who hasn’t channeled surfed onto an episode of This Old House, House Crashers or Holmes on Homes on a lazy weekend afternoon and dreamed of being as skilled a woodworker as those show’s hosts?  The problem for many people is — other than skill-set — that their tiny apartments or cluttered homes do not have enough room for a workshop. But don’t worry, it appears that this problem might have finally been solved with this awesome toolbox from Hammacher Schlemmer that transforms into almost any woodworking tool you could need. Continue reading “Watch this Tiny Toolbox TRANSFORM into an ENTIRE Woodshop!”

Interior Huts Apple-Cycling DiabloGB MC Angle – WIRed #98

It’s time for Episode 98 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses common area huts, Apple recycling, Diablo III on Game Boy, and Kurt Angle battle raps John Cena! Continue reading “Interior Huts Apple-Cycling DiabloGB MC Angle – WIRed #98”

Six Building Materials & The Six Architects That Luv ‘Em!

It’s almost romantic. Almost. No, no it’s really not; but they are kind of a match made in design and science.  Musicians have their favorite instrument (and brand), video game enthusiasts have their favorite games, chefs have their favorite foods and spices to create their delicacies, and architects have their favorite material to utilized in the designs of their buildings. It seem’s appropriate to talk about the materials the these design professionals seem to love since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so….here we go! Continue reading “Six Building Materials & The Six Architects That Luv ‘Em!”

Would You Live In This Wooden Box House? Would ‘ya?

Take a look at this house. Pretty simple looking, huh? But seriously, that what I love about the Westside Road Private Residence.  Despite being simple, this HUGE 2240-square-foot home is essentially a giant box made of wood. Of course, since it’s a house, you got to have some windows to frame the place perfectly (and to, you know, make it look like a house). The residence, designed by Dowling Studios, is also energy-efficient, and is certified Platinum level status in the USGBC LEED for Homes program. Plus,  the house rests on a perfect 22-acre site, ON TOP OF A HILL, overlooking the Russian River Valley in California. Oh, and it has a lap pool. EXTRA POINTS!  I guess less CAN be more… Continue reading “Would You Live In This Wooden Box House? Would ‘ya?”

In Post-Soviet Russia, this Solarium and Olive Beach is Made of Wood. Yup.

It’s no clever Yakov Smirnov joke, but, yeah; I apologize.  Anyway, over in the land of Moscow, Russia, architecture firm Megabudka (with Darya Listopad and Artem Ukropov on the design team) came up with a way  to create an alternative to the main entrance to Gorky Park in 2011. The team decided on contrasting the installed granite and marble at the front entrance with wood for a ‘welcome zone’ that leads from the Pushkin (Andreevsky) Bridge. The team also addressed the desolate embankment of the River Moskva by designing and installing a leisure zone with a beach, showers, and a bar, with this “wooden beach” acting as a symbol of the renewed Gorky Park. Continue reading “In Post-Soviet Russia, this Solarium and Olive Beach is Made of Wood. Yup.”

Behold this Beautiful Brazilian Bungalow

Have you ever dreamed of having a house with a private pond?  That way, when you felt like it, you could walk onto your patio, down toward the pond and just enjoy the nice, cool water.  Sounds great, right?  Well, allow me to proposition you with this: how about having your patio located directly OVER your private pond!  Yup, you can go from living room, to patio, and as your look down….YOUR OWN POND!!   Continue reading “Behold this Beautiful Brazilian Bungalow”

The Kamppi Chapel of Silence, or if Noah’s Ark Became a Church…

According to the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament in the Holy Bible, Noah was tasked by God to assemble a pair of every animal on Earth and bring them aboard a giant Ark, which Noah would have to build and be equipped to survive a flood sent by God to wipe the Earth clean.  At the very height of the flood, the ark rested on mountaintops, and the waters began to recede as dry land reappeared, leaving Noah, his family, and the animals leave the ark to repopulate the Earth.  Now, I know you’re asking what this has to do with architecture, but if you take just ONE look at the Kamppi Chapel of Silence, built by K2S Architects in Finland, the building’s design just screams of the vessel of Noah’s fantastic voyage.  Continue reading “The Kamppi Chapel of Silence, or if Noah’s Ark Became a Church…”