The Weekn’der, designed by Lazor Office (NOT Located on the Head of a Shark…)

© George Henrich

When explaining some of the features of their Week’nder building, located in Ashland County, Wisconsin, design firm Lazor Office states that the structure opens and closes, as the façades transition from transparent and bright to dark and opaque as you transverse around the exterior or the interior. The wood (plywood and pine) and steel (corrugated and smooth) supported building’s design and construction is based on two prefabricated modules delivered by truck and ferries, minimal concrete for foundation and bottle jacks instead of a crane. The combined parallel modules contained the three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room and additional infrastructure, and were joined together with a shared gable roof that itself created an shared and tent-like “dry-space”. The aforementioned design and structural materials give the weekend getaway cabin a rustic feel, as well as a additionally balanced coordination of various colors and textures. Continue reading “The Weekn’der, designed by Lazor Office (NOT Located on the Head of a Shark…)”

When a Public Library in Wisconsin hosts a Pro Wrestling Show…

Those of use who have attended professional wrestling events are accustomed to them being hosted in from football stadiums, basketball/hockey arenas and local gymnasiums.  I for one have attended wrestling shows in parking lots, carnivals/fairs, VFW halls, stage theaters, night clubsand bar/grill restaurants, and these locations are very creative from a logistical point-of-view. It really rings true that pro wrestling can really work anywhere, and it seems that the Milwaukee Public Library are believers (or BO-Lievers) in that philosophy, too. Continue reading “When a Public Library in Wisconsin hosts a Pro Wrestling Show…”

A Small Village For The Homeless in Madison, Wisconsin

Occupy Madison has created a village of tiny houses for the homeless.

A non-profit organization in Madison, Wisconsin has created a small world for the area’s homeless.  Right now, there is an estimated 3,370 homeless people (and rising) in the area, but thanks to the efforts of Occupy Madison, those numbers will be dropping. The village contains nine tiny homes, day resource center, and access to restrooms, showers, laundry (with future plans for a community garden, tree orchard, and chickens in the spring), and gives the area’s homeless a safe and warm place to sleep, reports Revolution News. The tiny homes — all made from reclaimed or recycled material —  are 98 square feet and feature a bed, kitchen, bathroom, storage, and propane heat. The homes cost an estimated $3,000 to build, all of which came from donations. The homes were built by a “revolving” crew of volunteers, including some formerly homeless residents, reports Daily Kos. Continue reading “A Small Village For The Homeless in Madison, Wisconsin”

These Ice Buildings are Really…Cool. I Apologize.

Again, sorry about that pun; I’ve been watching “Batman & Robin” because I felt a need to punish myself. Anyways, we typically think of buildings being made of materials like concrete, brick, steel, and other things.  But what about ICE; you know frozen water?  I’m taking about entire structures made of the stone cold stuff, not some piece of novelty furniture or some bar you saw on television. Here are 5 of my favorite and extravagant complete ice structures found ACROSS THE WORLD!! Continue reading “These Ice Buildings are Really…Cool. I Apologize.”