Ted Dabney, Atari co-founder, passes away at 81

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This past weekend, Samuel “Ted” Dabney, electronics engineer and co-founder of legendary studio Atari, passed away at the age of 81. The sad news was broken by his friend and gaming historian Leonard Herman. Continue reading “Ted Dabney, Atari co-founder, passes away at 81”

Here’s MORE Free Online Architecture Courses from World-Class Universitites!

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About two-and-a-half years ago, The PractitioNERD released a blog post about some free architecture courses offered by MIT, TU Delft, edX and the Open Online Academy. Basically, if you want to continue learning about the world of architecture without forking over the dough for a  master’s or a doctorate, this is a good way to go.  Essentially, taking short-term courses remotely have become popular worldwide as educational alternatives as they make it easier to dive into the varied topics these coursed cover, thanks to platforms like edX (offered by Harvard and MIT).  Continue reading “Here’s MORE Free Online Architecture Courses from World-Class Universitites!”

Behold this Danganronpa/WWE Murder Mystery Mash-Up. Yes, You Read That Right…

Fan-Made Danganronpa/WWE Murder Mystery Is Better Than You'd Imagine

Your eyes do not deceive you; yes, that’s WWE star Triple H with Danganronpa character Aoi Asahina. In case you’re wondering why you’re seeing this, I present you with an absurd hour-long crime drama in which these two worlds collide brought to you from YouTube creator Alfredo Dizon. This isn’t the first time  Dizon has mashed up WWE and Danganronpa, but this one is completely voice acted — and yes, I know it’s not the same people from the games, but it still does the job. Continue reading “Behold this Danganronpa/WWE Murder Mystery Mash-Up. Yes, You Read That Right…”

​How the First Video Game Cartridges Came To Be…

​How the First Video Game Cartridges Came Into Existence

Concept of using cartridges in gaming have become a somewhat a distant memory now—except for dedicated handhelds like 3DS and Vita…and if you’re a retro game collector (like myself)—but back in the day, cartridges were THE ONLY way to get video games playing onto a television set. While the exact origins of the cartridge have been difficult to trace back to, a new Fast Company article runs down the story of the beginnings of this innovative and important piece in the history of gaming technology. Continue reading “​How the First Video Game Cartridges Came To Be…”

Soooo Many Memories of ‘WCW Vs. The World’…

File:WCW vs. the World.jpgLet’s be honest: at least in America, many of the professional wrestling games we got were mostly clones on 2D fighting games, and while some were decent, most were downright awful.  In Japan, they go to enjoy the spoils of the Fire Pro Wrestling series (for more, read THIS), a FANTASTIC pro wrestling video game series, and for those here in the states who knew of the FPW games, we wondered when could we get our shot at the title (game title, that is).  Well, after I got my PlayStation in 1998, one of the games I picked up at FuncoLand (remember them) was 1997’s “WCW Vs. The World,” and I WORE…THAT….GAME…OUT! Continue reading “Soooo Many Memories of ‘WCW Vs. The World’…”

A History Of Gaming Consoles – In Commercial Form

I remember playing my first video game console in 1989 (Atari 7800 Pro System) at the age of 4 and being amazed that whatever I was doing on the controller was appearing on the screen. Just from video games I remember playing since 1989 to where games are now in 2014, it’s insane just thinking about how long video games have existed. However, it’s MORE … Continue reading A History Of Gaming Consoles – In Commercial Form

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This 1993 ‘SimCity’ Documentary Is 12 Minutes Of INSANITY!

Back in the year nineteen-hundred-and-ninety-three (or, 1993), Britain’s Channel 4 broadcast a four-part documentary series about video games. The third episode of the series was about SimCity — more specifically “SimCity 2000” — and even twenty years later, it’s great to see how far gaming has come, as well as seeing how this video showcased what was so monumental and amazing about early 1990s and antique PC gaming. It’s really fascinating seeing the way the documentary just blurs what’s actually possible in a video game and what they think a game could or should be doing. Plus — and it just HAS to be said — it’s interesting to see the Maxis team talk about all of the systems used in SimCity 2000, considering the fact that they worked so well in THAT game and yet completely fall apart in EA’s 2013 version of SimCity. Le Sigh… Continue reading “This 1993 ‘SimCity’ Documentary Is 12 Minutes Of INSANITY!”

Video Games, Reimagined As Classic Paperback Novels

It would be an understatement to say that digital artist Zachary Knoles really touched a soft spot in my heart when he redesigned popular video game titles and some of its prominent characters as aged, dusty covers in the fashion of classic paperback novels.  Now that I recall Xenogears‘ complex story, it definitely would have been an interesting read as a sci-fi novel from the 1980’s. More of Knoles work include: Kerrigan from StarCraft II, resembling a drow from an 1990’s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons novel (you’ll see), and Samus Aran getting transformed into a robot from some type of Russian sci-fi (also, you’ll see). Here are some more of Knoles interpretations after the break! Continue reading “Video Games, Reimagined As Classic Paperback Novels”

Are You Ready for FIRE PRO WRESTLING?!?!

Fire Pro Wrestling 3: Legend Bout for the TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine

Fire Pro Wrestling (ファイヤープロレスリング) is a long-running professional wrestling video game series originating from Japan.  The series  started in 1989 by Human Entertainment until 1999 and continued today by Spike since 2000, encompassing over 28 games; and that’s not including the many spin-off games. The series is well-known for its grappling system, primarily based on timed button presses and strategy. Quite possibly the most popular and signature features in the Fire Pro Wrestling series is its Edit mode, the character creation feature with a multitude of options from customize wrestler appearances, wrestling maneuvers and artificial intelligence (A.I.) behavior. Continue reading “Are You Ready for FIRE PRO WRESTLING?!?!”