The Rise & Fall of Betamax – PractitioNERD Doc’D #6

Oh BetaMax, the little videocassette format that ALMOST did. This month on Doc’D, Montez McCrary will take you through the history, technology, and the fall of the Beta video format, from it’s rise to it’s defeat by VHS in the classic format war. Continue reading “The Rise & Fall of Betamax – PractitioNERD Doc’D #6”

A New Use for VHS Tapes…Coffee Tables!!!

With the rise in digital media and the popularity of tangible video media through DVD and Blu-ray (and even HD-DVD for the stubborn), the VHS just cannot compete with the aforementioned digital media in terms of picture quality or audio fidelity.  However, the VHS  has a great sense of nostalgia; recording you favorite TV shows and movies for the first time, watching home movies, and the memories entangled with that feel, magic, and soul that good old analog-technology can provide. Continue reading “A New Use for VHS Tapes…Coffee Tables!!!”

Happy 20th Birthday, Sonic the Hedgehog!!!

GO SONIC, IT’S YA BURFF-DAY!!!  GO SON……………….uh………….yeah….anyway…

It was 20 years ago today (June 23rd, 1991) that the original “Sonic the Hedgehog” game was released by Sega for the Genesis (or Mega Drive; depending on what country you live in) console in the United States, Europe, and Japan.  Sega is already celebrating by releasing the Sonic 20th Anniversary Bundle for download for the PlayStation 3, along with the 20-day-only temporary download of the demo for the new game, Sonic Generations.