Why — on God’s Green Earth — Would you Connect a Floppy Drive to your Android Phone?!?

And yes, when I say ‘floppy’, I ACTUALLY DON’T mean actual floppy discs this time; just their younger, next-generation 3.25″ slightly-evolved cousins. Anyway, YouTuber Clint Basinger of LGR demonstrates in this video that even though their’s no REAL reason to connect an “old” floppy drive to your Android phone via a OTB-to-USB type-C adapter, you totally still could if you wanted. You can check out the … Continue reading Why — on God’s Green Earth — Would you Connect a Floppy Drive to your Android Phone?!?

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Secure Your Charging USB Devices by Making Your Own “USB Condom”

Many of us have been there: you need a quick charge of your phone, tablet or gaming system, and all you need is a easy and available connection into any available untrusted computer or public charging station. While the chance of malicious data getting into your phone is fairly slim, the threat still exists. If you’re the do-it-yourself-type, you can head on over to Node, where they’ll show you how to make sure only power can get through the USB port, and not data. Continue reading “Secure Your Charging USB Devices by Making Your Own “USB Condom””

Now That’s a LARGE USB Flash Drive…

Nowadays, you can get a tiny USB flash drive with large storage capacities in the 512 GB range. Or, you can say “SCREW THAT,” and check out this USB flash drive that’s large in physical size, but not so much in storage capacity. Computer enthusiast Christopher Parish modified a vintage 1970’s-era “DEC RL02” drive — which is roughly as large as your basic PC case — … Continue reading Now That’s a LARGE USB Flash Drive…

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Nowadays, Even a USB Charger Can Be Converted Into a Linux Computer…

Convert a USB Charger Into a Linux Computer

HEY YOU! Are you in need a truly portable Linux computer? Then I have good news for you; head on over to NODE, and Chris Robinson will show how to build a Linux-powered computer from a USB charger. Then you’ll have your precious Linux computer for ultimate portability.  After setting up the whole sha-bang, you can set it up as a TOR relay, a media server, a personal VPN, or whatever else you want! HOORAY!! Continue reading “Nowadays, Even a USB Charger Can Be Converted Into a Linux Computer…”

Advanced Pro Wrestling Studies – WIRed #124


It’s time for Episode 124 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses a Habitat house that surpasses design and sustainability standards, Google throws its cap on the USB Security Key hat-rack, a portable laptop version of the PlayStation 4, and SCIENCE reveals why people love pro wrestling! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling.
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Prove You’re YOU with Google’s New USB Security Key Initiative!

With the multitude of services that they offer (as well as the more frequent news of all of the hacking going on), it cames as little-to-no surprise that Google is a huge proponent of online security.  With that, it’s also no surprise that the once-only-search engine is rolling out support for a new way to prove your identity: a USB Security Key. Google’s current approach to online security is the common two-step authorization method (WHICH YOU SHOULD BE USING), involving getting a text on your phone to verify your identity.  However, that method may not be always ideal; if your phone’s battery dies or if you’re abroad and want to avoid roaming charges, you’re kind of up a creek without a paddle. Sooooo, having a dedicated and secure USB security key around means you’ll can log into Google’s ecosystem of programs and apps without worrying about phishing or having your phone ready. Continue reading “Prove You’re YOU with Google’s New USB Security Key Initiative!”

Doc’D #10 – The Zip Disk Format

In this month’s episode of Document’D, host Montez McCrary takes a trip to the good ol’ dead media format graveyard to discuss the Zip format, its technical specifications, history, and legacy.
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Microview Shrinks Arduino Into A Tiny, Little OLED Module

Are you like myself and you desperately want a itsy-bitsy, tiny, little Arduino board with an OLED display? Just some of you? Well, that’s ok, ’cause I know other technophiles like myself want one! This is Microview’s new “chip-sized” Arduino, currently on Kickstarter, that costs $45. You may ask yourself  ‘what can it do,’ and the answer would be ‘ALL KINDS OF STUFF’! Basically, you’ll get a micro controller, a lot of inputs so you can drive the display via software, and you’ll be allowed to build awesome little projects using various sensors, motors, I/O devices, and much more.

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Hyperkin’s Pixel Art USB Controller Brings the Retro!

And now: bringing back memories of the corners of the old-school NES controllers digging into our hands after hours of playing. Only this time…there’s MORE CORNERS to cause MORE HOLES IN OUR HANDS!

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