ArchDaily’s 5 Ways Architecture Students can Prepare for Architecture School During Summer

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It’s that time again where there will be a brand new crop of incoming freshmen who are anticipating a new chapter in their lives as they prepare for architecture school in the fall. I can tell you from experience that entering the environment of a architecture studio classroom for the very first time is both exciting and scary, as new challenges lie ahead, however some self-doubt and nervousness can rear its ugly head. While it’s true that most architectural skill are better developed while under the tutelage of experienced professors and professionals, there are some easier tasks that incoming architecture students can take part in to make the transition into their first day in a studio environment much simpler. Fortunately, ArchDaily has you covered with five (5) ways incoming architecture students can get themselves mentally prepared for the fall. Continue reading “ArchDaily’s 5 Ways Architecture Students can Prepare for Architecture School During Summer”

Harvard University Develops Robot That Crawls Like a Snake; You Won’t Want These in Your Boots…

Scientists at Harvard University have created a soft, tube-like robot with silicone rubber acting as its artificial skin. The laser-cut rubber used is a thin, stretchable plastic sheet, with the cuts, shaped like triangles or circles, look similar to the scales on the skin of snakes. The robot is able to move as air is pumped into the tube, which allows the robot to expand and contract, resulting in the scales to pop up and anchor against the ground, pulling the robot in a forward motion. As for moving backwards; the researchers are still trying to figure that out. Continue reading “Harvard University Develops Robot That Crawls Like a Snake; You Won’t Want These in Your Boots…”

Forget You, Spinal Cord! A New Device Allows Brain To Move Paralyzed Limbs Without You!

Ladies and gentlemen, for the very first time, a paralyzed man is able to move his hand and fingers via his own thoughts, due to an innovative partnership between the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Battelle.  The patient, Ian Burkhart, is a 23-year-old quadriplegic from Dublin, Ohio, and is the inaugural patient — of a potential five patients — for the new Neurobridge technological clinical study.  Neurobridge is an electronic neural bypass device intended  for spinal cord injuries, and it reconnects the brain directly to muscles, essentially bypassing the injured spinal cord and allows voluntary and functional control of any particular paralyzed limb Continue reading “Forget You, Spinal Cord! A New Device Allows Brain To Move Paralyzed Limbs Without You!”

Cornell’s Amazing Science Island of Manhattan!

Manhattan has something very interesting to look forward to in the next few years. Roosevelt Island will be receiving a state-of-the-art engineering campus extension of Cornell University. Nowadays, it is becoming near impossible to forget this tiny strip of an island named after one of two of the most awesome U.S. Presidents in history that lies between Manhattan and Queens (F.Y.I., it’s named after Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a.k.a., “American Ironsides,” a.k.a. “Mr. New Deal” a.k.a “Senor Got-Us-Out-Of-The-Great Depression,” a.k.a “Our Fearless WW2 Leader).
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Brutal Modernist-style Prentice Women’s Hospital in Chicago To Be Demolished

Well ladies and gentlemen, it seems as if it’s time to punch yet ANOTHER hole in the card for demolished modernist architecture buildings in the U.S. A few weeks ago, The PractitioNERD covered the demolition of Richard Neutra’s Cyclorama on the grounds of the Battle of Gettysburg by the National Park Service, and now the Prentice Women’s Hospital in Chicago, IL will be meeting a similar fate.  The hospital, erected in 1975, features truly innovative and awe-inspiring rounded concrete cantilevers that hover above a steel and glass base. Continue reading “Brutal Modernist-style Prentice Women’s Hospital in Chicago To Be Demolished”

The Habitat ITESM Leon Gets Updated, Inside & Out

Let’s see, you have an older existing building and you don’t want to just let it stand abandoned or knock it down.  What to do?  While you could perform an interior repurposing/retrofit of that structure, why stop there?  SHINE Architects and TAarquitectura didn’t stop there; in fact, they designed an addition that envelops an old building’s exterior at the Tec de Monterrey’s, Leon, Mexico Campus, as well.  In doing so, they revitalized this underutilized space into a 12701 square-foot art/design studio workshop for the students.  The space serves as a blank slate for the students to interact freely, without classrooms or lecture hall, existing solely as an 24/7 artistic communal space. Continue reading “The Habitat ITESM Leon Gets Updated, Inside & Out”

The Dark Knight’s 1000th Raw Street Fight of Spintronics – WIRed #4

Episode 4 (yeah, FOUR) of this week’s edition of The PractitioNERD discusses:
1) Explore Gotham City’s Architectural Grandeur in 3D (
2) Fan Film “Street Fighter: Legacy” to become Live-Action Series (
***FAN FILMS: Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy (, Mega Man (, and one-of-the-many Portal fan films (***
3) University of Utah Researchers Create ‘Spintronic’ LED: Brighter, Cheaper & Eco-friendly (
4) The 1st Episode of WWE Monday Night RAW, Episode 1000 on 7/23/2012 (
…and the Question of the Week!!   Continue reading “The Dark Knight’s 1000th Raw Street Fight of Spintronics – WIRed #4”

Best Buy ad spotlights Texas A&M Aggie & ZeroTouch Technology

Chances are you have seen this image from an ad the electronics megastore Best Buy is circulating nationwide.  You know, the one that opens with “I’m Jon Moeller from Texas A&M University, and I’me using my laptop to create a touchscreen out of thin air.” Now, I’m not focusing on this story solely because it features a student from my alma mater (GIG ‘EM AGGIES!!), but it is also all of the technology, including Moeller’s ZeroTouch, being demonstrated from all of the students in the ad.  Just a quick look gives you reminders of the tech seen in sci-fi movies; ZeroTouch would instantly remind anyone of Minority Report, or the windshield from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, or whatever sci-fi film Tom Cruise will star in years down the road.

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The Best Way to Play “Tetris;” On A Building!

This past weekend, a group of student gamers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (or MIT) hacked the Green Building, home to the school’s Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, and played one gigantic game of Tetris.

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