First-Ever Vocal Cords Grown in a Lab WORK!!11!1!!

Human vocal cords built from scratch in world first

The wondrous efforts of 3D technology and medical science have awesomely struck again (like it did here, here, here & here), as the first-ever working vocal cords able to produce realistic sound have been grown from scratch in a lab. This is very promising, as it gives hope to those who have lost their voice due to an illness, injury or invasive surgery. A team at the University of Wisconsin School of Public Health in Madison took a 3D collagen scaffold with two different types of donated cells (from donors and the patient’s own larynx) to create the artificial cords—fibroplasts that were grown into smooth muscle and epithelial cells that were tricked by science into becoming the delicate lining. Continue reading “First-Ever Vocal Cords Grown in a Lab WORK!!11!1!!”