Doll Houses Vehicle Gardens Steam Brix @ Dragon Gate- WIRed #67

WELCOME TO EPISODE 67 of WIRed!! This week I talk about doll houses in Britain designed by architects, green roofs…NOW ON BUSES, yet ANOTHER “Steam Box” in the Gigabyte Brix, and Dragon Gate is an AWESOME wrestling promotion!

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A Brief History of “Dragon Gate”

Dragon Gate (traditionally spelled as ドラゴンゲート and pronounced Doragon Gēto) is a Japanese professional wrestling promotion — formerly known as Toryumon Japan, as most of Dragon Gate’s wrestlers are graduates from Último Dragón’s Toryumon Gym (makes sense, right?), Dragon Gate is based on a Junior Heavyweight pro wrestling style with emphasis on high-flying maneuvers, flashy technical grappling, and submissions holds.  Dragon Gate is also often associated with Mexico, as it is based on Mexican lucha-libre wrestling style, as many wrestlers in Dragon Gate trained in Mexico earlier in their careers. Continue reading “A Brief History of “Dragon Gate””