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The PractitioNERD’s “List ‘O Faves” Trailers from E3 2017!

Another E3 has come and gone, so here are some of The PractitioNERD’s favorite announcements made and presented at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo! Which includes (of course) Beyond Good and Evil 2 (OMG OMG OMG!!), Spider-Man, OG Xbox games and, wait….hold on…TWO METROID GAMES?!? HUZZAH!! Continue reading The PractitioNERD’s “List ‘O Faves” Trailers from E3 2017!


The PractitioNERD E3 2017 Stream (brought to you by Twitch)

The Final Trailer for “Assassin’s Creed” Film Raises Expections

Well, very soon Assassin’s Creed, the latest film adaptation of Ubisoft’s critically-acclaimed action-adventure franchise, will premiere. Hoping that this could be the project to break through the oft-negative stereotypes of videogame-to-film projects, 20th Century Fox released one last new trailer (DANG, there’s been A LOT of those lately, huh?) for the film, along with a one minute-long excerpt from the movie. Continue reading The Final Trailer for “Assassin’s Creed” Film Raises Expections

Watch Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference Right Here (UPDATE: IT’S OVER)

Continue reading Watch Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference Right Here (UPDATE: IT’S OVER)

The 1st “Assassin’s Creed” Film Trailer is HERE!

We’ve have some bad (Alone in the Dark), decent (Silent Hill) and good (Mortal Kombat) video game movies, but never a great one. Well, I think Michael Fassbender’s Assassin’s Creed film (taking place during the Spanish Inquisition) just might be that great movie. That trailer is so **SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!***

Assassin’s Creed releases in theaters December 21st, 2016.

Watch this Competitive Paintball Match edited to look like ‘The Division…”

When you want to have some fun outdoors with your friends, playing paintball sounds like a great idea.  Now take that, and add throwing smoke grenades. Now, image the location being a snowy Canadian forest. Sounds awesome, right? Sure, but AlabasterSlim and his group of buddies didn’t stop there. They went the extra mile, dressed up as characters from The Division, added some of the user interface (UI) elements from the game to the footage in post-production, and captured the whole thing in first-person. It. Is. AWESOME-SAUCE!!

Watch ALL the 2014 E3 Press Conferences, RIGHT HERE!

E3 2013: Top Five Stories, Day 2/3

****DAY TWO****
****DAY TWO****

Aloha, fellow gamers!! This is the time of year that we all look forward to on the yearly gaming calendar (next to the dates of certain game releases we are looking forward to) is the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as “E3.”  This year, the conference takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. As with CES 2013 and last year’s AIA Convention, I will be providing my personal five favorite stories made during today’s E3 festivities (and will be doing this for the rest of the convention), so here’s DAY TWO of my E3 2013 TOP FIVE STORIES!! Continue reading E3 2013: Top Five Stories, Day 2/3

UbiSoft Pre-E3 Press Conference (6/5PM CST)

Ubisoft goes to E3 from June 10th to 14th and you’re invited!

Watch the Ubisoft E3 press conference live streaming from anywhere in the world!

The broadcast will start at:
– June 10th: L.A 3pm PDT / NYC 6pm EST / London 11pm GMT+1
– June 11th: Paris Midnight GMT+2 / Moscow 2am GMT+4 / Tokyo 7am GMT+9 / Sydney 8am GMT+10 Continue reading UbiSoft Pre-E3 Press Conference (6/5PM CST)

Thanks For The Memories, THQ. Long Live THQ (Franchises)!

Fade to Black…

Well, we saw this coming from a mile away.  The last couple of years for THQ had been a little financially unstable and touch-and-go, but last week it seems that long-time game publisher THQ has finally gone out of business. This is especially sad as I, myself, had been a fan of the company’s games over the years, including Darksiders, Saint’s Row, the WWE games, and the upcoming South Park game. Even after entering Chapter 11 bankruptcy and trying to keep the company together via getting bought by a single bidder, the company instead saw its game development studios and intellectual properties sold off to various game companies (like Ubisoft, SEGA, Crytek, etc.) at auction last week to bidders.   Continue reading Thanks For The Memories, THQ. Long Live THQ (Franchises)!