New ‘Super Mario Bros.’ World Record Claimed by Only .05 Seconds

It appears that speedrunner Kosmic has shaved off the record time for completing the 1985 NES classic Super Mario Bros. by three frames, according to the above video and tweet he posted earlier this week.  Kosmic earlier stated this past Friday that he beat the Darbian’s then-current world record in Super Mario Bros. by a single frame, but later reserved that claim after detecting a “lag frame” earlier in the run. Kuddos for honesty! Continue reading “New ‘Super Mario Bros.’ World Record Claimed by Only .05 Seconds”

Twitch Goes from ‘Playing Games’ to ‘Installing Arch Linux’; OH DEAR GOD….

Well, I guess this was bound to happen. After covering and mentioning online streaming site Twitch experimenting with it’s viewers to plays games from Pokemon, Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, Dark Souls (FREAKIN’ DARK SOULS) via the site’s chat interface, and now the Twitch Plays phenomenon seeks to tackle a new challenge: installing the Arch Linux operating system. Now, ANYONE following the stream (which began this Halloween at 4PM Eastern Time) will be able to enter commands and control the installation process. Continue reading “Twitch Goes from ‘Playing Games’ to ‘Installing Arch Linux’; OH DEAR GOD….”

Those Maniacs DID IT; ‘Twitch Plays Dark Souls’ has BEATEN ‘Dark Souls’!

I little while back, I wrote about the ‘Twitch Plays Pokemon‘ & ‘Twitch Plays Metal Gear: Ghost Babel‘ experiments. Later, Twitch attempted the same with ‘Dark Souls,’ which become particularly well-known for the players being stuck in the game’s first area for THREE DAYS!! However, over the last few weeks a lot of actual progress was made as the group contingent eliminated boss, after boss, AFTER MIGHTY BOSS. But this past Monday, they reached their goal; ‘Twitch Plays Dark Souls’ has finally FINISHED THE GAME! Continue reading “Those Maniacs DID IT; ‘Twitch Plays Dark Souls’ has BEATEN ‘Dark Souls’!”

Twitch Is Playing ‘Metal Gear: Ghost Babel’ through Crowdsourcing; Pretty Decently…

Twitch Is Playing Metal Gear. It's Not Going Well. (Update)

“Metal Gear: Ghost Babel,” the Game Boy Color title that relied on precise timing and expert stealth (as is the case of MOST of the Metal Gear games), is now being played by an anonymous mob of users on Twitch, who can just input random commands at their heart’s content. What could possibly go wrong, you ask? Well, unlike the crowd-played Pokemon, which ended up well (and the Twitch audience would later finish every game of the main-line series), early on this venture was turning into something more similar to Twitch plays Halo, in which the crowd was unable to get past basic enemy encounters.  Since then, significant progress was made, as as of day 2 of this experiment, Stage 2 was cleared! Click after the break for updated tweets! Continue reading “Twitch Is Playing ‘Metal Gear: Ghost Babel’ through Crowdsourcing; Pretty Decently…”


It’s time for Episode 113 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses a conservative conservatory, a heads-up display for cars for smartphones, how Twitch beat ALL the Poke-Mans, and Kevin Steen’s Greatest ROH hits! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Car HUDs Yell FIGHT STEEN FIGHT! – WIRed #113”

Twitch Plays Pokemon has beaten ALL the Pokemon Generations

Gamers, fans of gaming, and essentially humanity have completed something pretty awesome. A couple of  weeks ago, Twitch Plays Pokemon (TPP) completed Pokemon X, which means that the thousands of participants who entered a cluster of commands have completed and dominated EVERY generation of the main Pokemon series. Seriously, WHO NEEDS to create an artificial intelligence to achieve such greatness and cooperation (apparently Google does…)? Continue reading “Twitch Plays Pokemon has beaten ALL the Pokemon Generations”

Twitch.TV Gaming Breakdown (courtesy of SocialMonsters)

Twitch is quite the awesome little gaming streaming tool. While I’m planning to use it more with my PlayStation 4 (hey, I made a rhyme), the team over at SocialMonsters sent me this interesting and informative graphic — or “infographic” — about Twitch from, its history, stats, popularity, and other awesome things/stuff/facts. Thanks again, to Josh Stoddard and the guys and gals over at SocialMonsters for the awesome graphic after the break! Continue reading “Twitch.TV Gaming Breakdown (courtesy of SocialMonsters)”