Did Your PC Freeze? Try This Windows Hotkey BEFORE Restarting Your PC…

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In case your Windows PC ever freezes, you actually DON’T have to restart the computer. It turns out that Windows has a generally unknown keyboard shortcut that restarts your video drivers, which is basically what you could try to fix freezes that would otherwise need a forced restart. What this key combination does is restart the graphics subsystem for Windows 10 and Windows 8 computers; no keyboard shortcut for restarting your graphics drivers exists on Windows 7. Continue reading “Did Your PC Freeze? Try This Windows Hotkey BEFORE Restarting Your PC…”

Reminder: The IRS IS NOT Calling You…

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Happy Tax Season everyone! It’s the time of year to go through all of your records, receipts, W-2’s, statements, donation documents and more to try to get some of that cash you overpaid to ol’ Uncle Sam. Unfortunately, it’s also that time of year where scammers will contact you via phone, email, and (in some cases) social media accounts (fo’ real, tho?), claim that they’re from the IRS and threaten that they’ll contact the authorities if you don’t pay up. SPOILER ALERT: the IRS is NOT calling you, they WILL NOT threaten you with police action, and they WILL NOT demand that you pay them money at that exact moment. File this warning under “a representative from Microsoft” and/or “a representative from Windows” will NEVER contact you about a computer issue you’re having; I had to educate THREE people at my church of that AGAIN this past week in UNDER a 24-HOUR PERIOD.
Continue reading “Reminder: The IRS IS NOT Calling You…”

Thanks for the Holiday Card, Crypyarch; You’re STILL a Jerk!

Bungie's Destiny Holiday Card Is A Jerk

Yeah right, Cryptarch. Not falling for that one again.  Bungie means well of course, but I see that bastard standing there with his feigned sincere smile holding that promise of a purple item and all I can think is “Where were you three months ago, when the rest of my pals were running Vault of Glass and all you gave me were greens and blues I couldn’t use? Do you think this makes up for it? Do you think this will dry my tears? You just show up on my doorstep with a wrapped epic and I’m just supposed to invite you in for Christmas goose? WELL THINK AGAIN!” Continue reading “Thanks for the Holiday Card, Crypyarch; You’re STILL a Jerk!”