BMW buys parking app Parkmobile to in tackling urban traffic woes

Between the rise of hybrid, electric and self-driving autonomous vehicles (among other automobile advancements), automakers around the world are seeing the next great frontier in the driving experience, which includes FINDING A DARN, AVAILABLE PARKING SPOT! It appears that the German car-maker BMW was thinking the same thing, as they have gone from being a minority stakeholder in Parkmobile — described as the largest mobile parking services provider in North America with a footprint over 1 million+ parking spaces — back in 2004 to going all-in by outright buying the app completely. It looks like BMW isn’t just content on profiting from car sales; they was to solve issues with, again, FINDING A DARN, AVAILABLE PARKING SPOT!

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Black Friday – Geek Me Five #19

In this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the history, significance and the….why is this a thing?…. about Black Friday.

1) “Why Is It Called Black Friday,” Wonderopolis []
2) “The Meaning of Black Friday,” by Guy Rundle, Jacobin Magazine []
3) “What’s the Real History of Black Friday,” by Sarah Pruitt, History Channel []

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Jaywalking – Rant N’ Resolve #2

You know ’em, they annoy you, you can’t stand ’em, and what annoys us the most is how EASILY it can be avoided. This month’s episode of “Rant N’ Resolve” is dedicated to those on foot who make life dangerous to drivers and themselves…JAYWALKERS! Continue reading “Jaywalking – Rant N’ Resolve #2”

Bad Driving – Rant N’ Resolve #1

Acts of Bad Driving. You’ve seen them; they tick you off; you might even be responsible for some of it. But what’s the point of ranting about it, if you don’t offer ANY solutions about it. — “Rant N’ Resolve,” a NEW monthly web series, will take the things that bug you the most, and what to do to make those things better on the THIRD TUESDAY of EVERY MONTH! Continue reading “Bad Driving – Rant N’ Resolve #1”