LEGO – Geek Me Five #8

In this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the legendary member of the Toy Hall of Fame, LEGO, in FIVE, GEEKY, yet easy-to-follow, points. Continue reading “LEGO – Geek Me Five #8”

I Want a “LEGO: The Last of Us” Game. Yesterday.

You know something, after the LEGO-fied video games based on Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and much, MUCH more, this awesome video from YouTube REALLY brightened my day. An animator shared their idea of what Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us franchise could/would look like if the development team over at Traveler’s Tales (currently known for their team of crack LEGO game designers) took a stab at it. This video can become our new go-to argument in favor of the execution of that any idea to become a reality.  Despite the dark and grim nature of The Last of Us (you know, since it’s called The. Last. Of. US), it’s possible that the mood could be made lighter and slightly humorous with just the right use of everyone;s favorite Danish construction blocks. Continue reading “I Want a “LEGO: The Last of Us” Game. Yesterday.”

San Antonio MonsterCon 2012 Booth Walkthrough

To celebrate this year’s MonsterCon in San Antonio (Sept. 28-29), here’s a video from last year’s MonsterCon showcasing every booth I stopped by at the event at the Wonderland of the Americas! ENJOY EVERYONE!! Continue reading “San Antonio MonsterCon 2012 Booth Walkthrough”

A USB-Powered BB Sniper Rifle To Keep Screen Lurkers At Bay

If you’re tired of people creeping around and spying on your screen or a collective of folks staying by your workstation and distracting your with their chit-chat, then this USB-powered desktop sniper rifle is PERFECT for you. Best used for cubicle-style setups with walls on three sides, this tiny USB gun fires tiny plastic BBs to let your office neighbors know that you want to FINISH DOING YOUR JOB and to LEAVE YOU ALONE. Because nothing — NOTHING — is more business-serious than a USB powered desktop B.B. sniper rifle. Continue reading “A USB-Powered BB Sniper Rifle To Keep Screen Lurkers At Bay”

Lonnie Johnson – Engineer, Inventor, Father of the SUPER SOAKER!

While I could say a joke about the irony of a black man becoming wealthy but inventing a new gun – you’re welcome, internet – I’m taking the high road; or at least into a territory of fun, childhood memories…like THE SUPER SOAKER!! The best water gun from the 90’s was invented by American engineer Lonnie George Johnson, and the Super Soaker became the top-selling toy in the United States in the early 1990’s.   Continue reading “Lonnie Johnson – Engineer, Inventor, Father of the SUPER SOAKER!”

Design Fails the USB Tentacles for $25K in SNES Games & Finished Them – WIRed #25

Whenever my life gets be so down, I know I can go down…wait a minute!

This week’s SILVER edition of WIRed features failures in architectural desgin, a USB tentacle device from ThinkGeek, $25,000 worth of EVERY North American SNES Game, and some awesome finishing moves in pro wrestling. Also, I sing a little bit…   Continue reading “Design Fails the USB Tentacles for $25K in SNES Games & Finished Them – WIRed #25”

A Useful USB-Powered Device: Tentacles!!

Nope; I am not joking.

Oh ThinkGeek, what would we do without you guys? Whenever I get the urge to feel like I’m working in an underwater office (or replay Bioshock), this USB squirming and wiggling tentacle that simply plugs in any USB port on your computer should do the trick.  Or, evoke fear of never being able to escape the clutches of evil octopuses.  Octopi? I don’t know; I majored in Architecture, not English.   Continue reading “A Useful USB-Powered Device: Tentacles!!”

Fun-Sized Portal Gun from ThinkGeek Won’t Drain Your Wallets

Remember when 5,000 original, limited-edition, life-sized replicas of the Portal gun from — well, Portal — were released from ThinkGeek this summer? You know, they were about $208 and the inventory cleared out almost immediately (like under 30 minutes)? Well, if you missed your shot and/or you’re looking for something more budget-friendly and (if you’re a space-saver) smaller, then ThinkGeek’s new $59.99 Miniature Replica Portal Gun may be hard to pass up.   Continue reading “Fun-Sized Portal Gun from ThinkGeek Won’t Drain Your Wallets”