LEGO – Geek Me Five #8

In this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the legendary member of the Toy Hall of Fame, LEGO, in FIVE, GEEKY, yet easy-to-follow, points. Continue reading “LEGO – Geek Me Five #8”

Funnel Plans Fast Cars THQing Six-Sided Rings – WIRed #105

It’s time for Episode 105 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses a really open house in Japan, the fastest toy car in the world, the resurrection of THQ, and TNA Wrestling’s latest stunt upsets their talent.! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Funnel Plans Fast Cars THQing Six-Sided Rings – WIRed #105”

High-Speed Maglev Toys are Coming in 2015

Takara Tomy made a promise that MagLev technology would make its way to its toy car playsets in the following year, and when the big day came, the crew at Engadget got a chance to speak with the company at this year’s Tokyo Toy Show. The company showcased two very different toys they were presenting: one was a train that they claimed could reach up to 600 KPH (relative to its scale, at least). At first sight, the train was moving pretty darn fast, the actually the train has its own magnet that levitates it off the plastic track, which is ITSELF laced with magnets. Essentially, there are two magnetic forces pushing away from each other — something you may have learned with giant red-and-black magnets in elementary school science lessons. Similar to that demonstration, an air cushion is created, resulting in NOT a miniature bazillion-horsepower engine, but the greatest trick in physics; good, old-fashioned friction! Continue reading “High-Speed Maglev Toys are Coming in 2015”

Stackable APTs, Dish/BETA, RIP THQ & Royal Rumblin’ – WIRed #32

This week on WIRed, NYC’s modular/stackable apartment complex reminds me of UNO Stacko, Dish should thank BETAMAX for their support against the networks, whistling TAPS and pouring out a 40 for my homies at THQ, and facts/figures/random information about the Royal Rumble.   Continue reading “Stackable APTs, Dish/BETA, RIP THQ & Royal Rumblin’ – WIRed #32”

Autonomous Plane from MIT Makes a Parking Garage Into A Slalom Course

Have you ever flown those remote-controlled airplanes and helicopters indoors?  If so, you might remember how it may have taken a while to learn the controls properly to get your flying device going forward fast. That, and learning how to avoid any and every obstacle locating inside your house.  Thanks to the plane designed by the Robust Robotics Group at MIT, we may in fact have finally found an exception to that.  Check out the video after the break.   Continue reading “Autonomous Plane from MIT Makes a Parking Garage Into A Slalom Course”