WCW’s ‘Ghost’ Title: The Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship

Many titles in professional wrestling have long, detailed histories and lineages, lasting decades; one in particular only lasted a mere 8 days. Yup, you read that right, EIGHT DAYS. I present to you, the short history of the Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship of World Championship Wrestling. As the Cruiserweight division of WCW was widely regarded as a unique feature in the company (even Goldberg himself often lauded that the Cruiserweights were the best overall in-ring product of the promotion), the WCW Cruiserweight Championship often had the best matches.  With the large number of number of cruiserweight talent signed with the company, WCW decided to expand the visibility of the division, and created the Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship in February 2001. Continue reading “WCW’s ‘Ghost’ Title: The Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship”

Reggie Parks: All Bow Down to The King of Belts

Let’s get to the point. Reggie Parks is the King Of Belts. This is not just a saying or a term based solely on respect, it is a FACT.  Mr. Parks, a former professional wrestler, has been in the business of making championship belts for over 40 years for almost (if not every) mayor pro wrestling organization in the world, from the WW(F)E, WCW, NWA, AWA, UWF, Pro Wrestling Noah, Ring Of Honor, and NCW.   Continue reading “Reggie Parks: All Bow Down to The King of Belts”

My Favorite Most Mispronounced Video Game Titles, EVER!

It’s nothing new for people to incorrectly pronounce the title of a movie, book, TV Show, song title, or even video games. Sometimes it could be the arrangement of the letters, the instance or proper use of long and short vowels, accents over letters, and, well, REASONS! GamesRadar recently put together their list of the most mispronounced video game titles, and –drawing inspiration from them — I will only showcase titles that I have played and/or own. LET THE GAMES (see what I did there) BEGIN!!   Continue reading “My Favorite Most Mispronounced Video Game Titles, EVER!”