Check out this Small Home in San Jose; it’s Currently Going For $798K…

This small, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom Spanish bungalow located in northeast San Jose, California — located at 759 N 19th Street — is pretty tiny in square-footage, but its character is ten-fold. Originally built in 1928, this 759-square-foot structure retains its old-school charm — original wood flooring, a big fireplace, and stained-glass windows — while containing modern upgrades — exterior solar panels and an electric vehicle charging station. The outside environment isn’t too shabby, either; the front patio has plenty of room for outdoor furniture, and a large backyard with fruit trees and drought-resistant landscaping, a pergola for outdoor dining, and even a hot tub. Continue reading “Check out this Small Home in San Jose; it’s Currently Going For $798K…”

This Folding House by Architect Renato Vidal Can Be Built in SIX HOURS!

This is the M.A.Di., or Modulo Abitativo Dispiegabile, a new model of housing that is actually a folding and transportable house that can be put together in only six hours with only three people. Renato Vidal designed this model, which was built with safe and high-quality materials, including wood veneer lined exterior walls (the required standard in Italy) anti-siesmic certificate. There are some customizable models for you to choose from, with some of the most basic models coming with toilets, fully furnished kitchens, and technical installations like water and electrical systems.

Continue reading “This Folding House by Architect Renato Vidal Can Be Built in SIX HOURS!”

Dsignedby’s ‘Kitch’T,’ the Space-Saving, Movable, All-in-One, Designer Kitchen island!

Howdy Mr. and/or Ms. Minimalist! Are you short on space, but you still want a cool, trendy designer kitchen? If so, I think that you should keep Dsignedby‘s award-winning Kitch’T all-in-one wooden kitchen in mind AND on your radar. The Serbian brand Dsignedby had their kitchen island on display at the Belgrade Furniture Fair roughly a week ago and was featured by Dezeen. Continue reading “Dsignedby’s ‘Kitch’T,’ the Space-Saving, Movable, All-in-One, Designer Kitchen island!”

These Tiny House Explain WHY They Love Living Small…

While I very much enjoyed the film Tiny (which was about tiny house living), it mainly focused on a guy trying to get his tiny house built, however we did hear from the experiences of others about living the everyday tiny house life. There’s now a NEW documentary features tiny house people who have been living tiny for awhile—and we find out about not just the positives, but also the negatives of tiny house living… Continue reading “These Tiny House Explain WHY They Love Living Small…”

Check This ‘Before & After’ of a Tiny, Narrow Bedroom That Got Everything It Needed

While smaller bedrooms can be a challenge to accommodate as a living space, the GREATER challenge to overcome comes from the particular design obstacles from a bedroom that’s ALSO very narrow. This bedroom you’re looking at is a former maid’s room in a pre-war building and is only 5’7″ wide – for reference, that LESS than the length of a typical twin bed. So, what would a good and reasonable solution to such a dilemma? How about a loft area for sleeping leaving, leaving more-than-enough room for a workspace underneath AND ample storage for the young child’s toys, clothes and games. Casa Kids in Brooklyn took on this project, led by designer Roberto Gil, and all the custom-built furniture was placed flush to one wall, creating an easy flow and maximized the room’s open floor space. Continue reading “Check This ‘Before & After’ of a Tiny, Narrow Bedroom That Got Everything It Needed”

Micro-Homes & Fist of Jesus! – WIRed #125

It’s time for Episode 125 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses the rise of micro-housing in the United States, turn that working laptop screen into an external monitor, the awesome absurdity of Fist of Jesus, and remembering the WWF Forceable Entry album! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Micro-Homes & Fist of Jesus! – WIRed #125”

The US Cities With the Tiniest Micro-Apartments; It MIGHT Surprise You…

There’s a growing trend in the United States’ more popular cities that involves “living smaller” in dwellings known as micro-housing, i.e., apartments and other livable units that are smaller than 300 square feet.  The U.S. may not be leading globally in the micro-housing movement; Japan and Hong Kong DEFINITELY has those top positions locked down, with much of Europe not far behind.  However, the United States is culturally maneuvering in that direction as 28% of all American households were made up of single people (according to the 2010 Census, which YOURS TRULY participated as an enumerator, going house-to-house and meeting some, “colorful” individuals…).  The question is exactly where in this country can you find the (legally) smallest examples of this growing (heh, play on words) trend? Continue reading “The US Cities With the Tiniest Micro-Apartments; It MIGHT Surprise You…”

Home w/ A Moat, Autonomous Planes, PS3 Surgery & NO HOLDS BARRED! – WIRed #8

This week’s episode of The PractitioNERD discusses a Dutch house built along a moat (The Water Villa), self-flying planes that dodge obstacles (MIT’s Autonomous Plane), my episode with repairing my old PS3 and backing up my data (What the Inside of a PS3 Looks Like), and Hulk Hogan stars in NOOO HOLLLLDS BARRRRRRED!! (“No Holds Barred”: The Movie and the Match).
…also, THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK!!   Continue reading “Home w/ A Moat, Autonomous Planes, PS3 Surgery & NO HOLDS BARRED! – WIRed #8”

“No Holds Barred,” Starring Hulk Hogan: The Movie & The Match

On July 3rd (over a month ago), the 1989 cult classic film No Holds Barred was released for the first time ever on DVD. The film features Hulk Hogan — in his first starring role — as Rip, the larger-than-life pro wrestling champion who’s been defeating some of the biggest bad guys ever to enter the squared circle. When Rip’s success and popularity catches the attention of  a shady TV executive Tom Brell (Kurt Fuller, Wayne’s World), he finds himself stuck in the middle of a plan to boost the network’s ratings — which were sinking — by scheduling him in a match against a vicious monster-of-a-wrestler named Zeus (Tommy “Tiny” Lister, Friday).  I must admit, this film is corny at times and over-the-top, but it’s still a very enjoyable and entertaining experience.  The film also stars Joan Severence (See No Evil, Hear No Evil), along with Mark Pellegrino (TV’s LostSupernatural), and the late-Robert “The Jeep” Swenson.   Continue reading ““No Holds Barred,” Starring Hulk Hogan: The Movie & The Match”