Kevin Hart Designed a Customized Tiny House, And Soon You’ll Be Able to Rent It!

Tiny houses and the culture surrounding it have been taking over the mainstream. Tiny house websites, blogs, magazines, TV shows and online videos have shared storage tips and tricks to save space, looking for interesting vacation areas, or renting one out on your property (a’la Airbnb). This past Thursday, comedian Kevin Hart, with help from, revealed his customized tiny house in Herald Square Park of New York City. Continue reading “Kevin Hart Designed a Customized Tiny House, And Soon You’ll Be Able to Rent It!”

The Coastal Craftsman Tiny Home Goes ALL IN on Interior Design…

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The interesting puzzle of living in a tiny home involves cutting down on size while also having optimal living space. While many tiny home builders and companies get pretty creative when designing the layout of the home, this often leaves out several opportunities for expressive interior design details.  This is not the case of the the Coastal Craftsman tiny home by Handcrafted Movement, which took the road-less-traveled by not sacrificing intricate interior design in a tiny home. Handcrafted Movement — a company based in Washington that has been featured on HGTV, Curbed, Country Living, Architectural Digest, Today, and more — was “born out of a desire to pursue excellence and creativity. This is about more than just creating products. This is about questioning the status quo and finding a more excellent way in all that we put our head, heart and hands to. This is about playing a part in the rebirth of American quality, ingenuity and pride in manufacturing.” Continue reading “The Coastal Craftsman Tiny Home Goes ALL IN on Interior Design…”

Who Says ‘Tiny Homes’ CAN’T Have Roof Decks? Not Luke & Tina, THAT’S For Sure!

Mountaineer Tiny Home with Rooftop Deck 001a
Patrick Treadway Photography

Just to answer to that claim, Luke and Tina — both of whom work as engineers — designed a 204 sq. ft. solar-powered tiny home on wheels themselves and hired a contractor (from Daystar Tiny Homes) to build it. The home, which resides on a 40 acre farm on the foothills of Mt. Hood, features a living area, two lofts, a bathroom, kitchen, and plenty of storage throughout, while the rooftop balcony accessible via a small hobbit door from the sleeping loft. Continue reading “Who Says ‘Tiny Homes’ CAN’T Have Roof Decks? Not Luke & Tina, THAT’S For Sure!”

Try this Scarlett Tiny House for a Nice Vacation Rental

Scarlett Tiny House at Mt Hood Tiny House Village 001

If you want to try living in a tiny house without taking that plunge JUST YET, then try out this 233 sq. ft. Scarlett Tiny House at Mt. Hood Tiny House Village near Portland, Oregon.  This home, which sleeps up to 5 people, is based on the Elm 20′ model designed and built by Tumbleweed Houses.  The outside features cedar siding painted red with white trim, while the interior has a living area, kitchen, bathroom, downstairs bedroom, and two upstairs sleeping lofts. Continue reading “Try this Scarlett Tiny House for a Nice Vacation Rental”

Check out this Awesome Canadian ESK’ET TINY HOUSE

This is the Esk’et Tiny House, built by Robert & Bettina Johnson in Alkali Lake, British Columbia, Canada. It is a 280 square-foot, very proudly Canadian, tiny house built on top of a 20 foot trailer. Why would I consider this to be “very Canadian,” you ask; just take a look at the detailed carvings and Aboriginal art work. Continue reading “Check out this Awesome Canadian ESK’ET TINY HOUSE”

Here is Intel’s 264 sq. ft. Smart Tiny House on Wheels!!1!11!!!

Bask your eyes on this is Intel’s 264 sq. ft. Smart Tiny House on Wheels (also known as a THOW) in San Francisco, built in collaboration with (of course) Intel and designer Kyle Schuneman, who used Brian Levy’s Minim Home design plans. Intel’s Internet of Things Platform (IoT Platform) allows the residents to unlock the doors, change the thermostat, adjust all lighting, and even detect pipe leaks from the comfort of your smartphone. Continue reading “Here is Intel’s 264 sq. ft. Smart Tiny House on Wheels!!1!11!!!”

The Mudgee Tower in Austrailia

I have already mentioned how enamored I am with the concept and philosophy of the Tiny House Movement (click here and here for the Doc’D episode on the topic), so this story just adds more to that interest.  This is the Mudgee Tower, designed by Casey Brown Architecture, located on a beautiful remote mountain on a sheep station in central western NSW in Australia.  It turns out that this home was the culmination of the dreams and wishes of the client and it seems to have been delivered perfectly. Continue reading “The Mudgee Tower in Austrailia”

Woman Builds 246 Square Foot Tiny Home on Wheels for $53K


This 246 square-foot wood and rusted steel tiny home on wheels a farm in Swannanoa, NC, (about 15 minutes east of Asheville) nicknamed the Radhaus, was initially designed by Michelle.  While she designed most of her tiny house herself, Michelle ultimately hired Nanostead to further design and build it to save some time and move into the tiny home sooner than much, MUCH later. Continue reading “Woman Builds 246 Square Foot Tiny Home on Wheels for $53K”

5 Post-War Architecture Tips the Tiny House Movement Can Learn…

Quixote Village in Olympia, Washington. Image © Leah Nash for BuzzFeed

Rory Scott of ArchDaily wrote an interesting piece about the burgeoning Tiny House Movement, in which he ponders on why are Tiny Houses have become so popular, the promise this building type hold for society, and the issues the movement addresses.  Scott came to the conclusion that the Tiny House movement has quite possible become the closest thing we have right now to a utopian housing solution.  While I can definitely agree with that sentiment, I also agree with his follow-up statement that the Tiny House Movement still has a lot of work to do; a BIG amount of work… Continue reading “5 Post-War Architecture Tips the Tiny House Movement Can Learn…”

Shower Outdoors in the Waterfall House

The 'Waterfall House' Takes Showering Outdoors

In Sweden, there is a clause in planning laws allows residents to build a 270 square foot building (slightly smaller than a regulation basketball court key) on any existing residential property; even allowing eaves to extend out by five feet.  This tiny law has resulted in some creative and inventive new small house designs, including this concept that moves the shower outdoors. The small buildings are referred to as ‘Attefall houses’, after the politician who introduced the planning regulation. Continue reading “Shower Outdoors in the Waterfall House”