Circle March 25th, ’cause Apple’s has a (likely) Streaming Service Announcement Coming…

Apple has sent out invitations to members of the press and other guests for a March 25 “special event,” featuring the words “it’s show time.” That’s interesting because Apple used the same tagline back in 2006 (hey kids, remember 2006?) for an event that led to the unveiling of the Apple TV device. The language and references points to a possible announcement of the company’s long-rumored streaming TV service that might be the event’s main focused.

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Get Ready for a Live Performance of “Devil May Cry 5” TONIGHT at The Game Awards

Later this week — by “later”, I mean TONIIIIIIGHT, TONIIIIGHT — will be the live broadcast (and stream) of the 2018 edition of The Game Awards 2018, which will take place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. We can likely look forward to some an evening of surprise game announcements and updates, excitement for the award wins and (of course) some disappointment with some … Continue reading Get Ready for a Live Performance of “Devil May Cry 5” TONIGHT at The Game Awards

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Mecanoo’s National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts in Taiwan

© Iwan Baan

The recently-opened National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan — inspired by the mass collections of banyan trees that are common in its locale — was designed by Dutch architecture firm Mecanoo.  This single building — which is also the largest performing arts center under a singular roof as well as Taiwan’s most significant cultural investment in a generation — covers a surface area of approximately 35 acres, a little over a quarter of the size of the surrounding 116-acre subtropical park in the area, acting as on of the country’s most culturally significant investment. The building features a 2,236-seat Opera House, a 1,981-seat Concert Hall, a 1,210-seat Playhouse, a 434-seat Recital Hall and an Outdoor Theater that connects the building to the park. Continue reading “Mecanoo’s National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts in Taiwan”

Watch the PlayStation Meeting 2016 LIVE, RIGHT HERE (UPDATE: It’s Over)!

The PlayStation® Meeting 2016 live from the PlayStation® Theater in Times Square, New York City. It’s only open to members of the press, but Sony also wanted to open the invitation to PlayStation fans to watch live. Be sure to stick around after the presentation for a special episode of PlayStation LiveCast. Continue reading Watch the PlayStation Meeting 2016 LIVE, RIGHT HERE (UPDATE: It’s Over)!

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A First Look at a “Resident Evil” Stage Play…Yup.

First Look at the Resident Evil Stage Play

A few weeks ago, the Resident Evil stage play, called “Resident Evil: The Stage (or Biohazard: The Stage),” debuted in Japan (supposedly because fitty-‘leven movies aren’t enough) and ended this past Sunday, November 1st. According to Inside Games, the play’s story is ACTUALLY canon, as it takes place between Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6. The play’s setting is a university in Australia, as the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) arrives immediately after a bioterrorism incident as things get worse, beacuse — you know — Resident Evil. Continue reading “A First Look at a “Resident Evil” Stage Play…Yup.”

Black History Month: MoviePass, Netflix for Movies Still in Theaters

MoviePass founders Stacy Spikes and Hamet Watt

What if there was a Netflix, but for movies that were STILL IN THEATERS?!? Or “theatres” for the fancy crowd. Well, MoviePass is a subscription-based service that launched in February of 2011 by technology and entertainment entrepreneurs Stacy Spikes and Hamet Watt, and is for going to movie theaters available in the United States. The service allows members across the country to view up to one movie (just 2D; no 3D yet) every 24 hours for a fixed monthly fee — typically starting at $29.99/month by vary based on local market– plus members can select which theaters they wish to attend. As an added bonus, there are zero “blackout dates.” MoviePass works in nearly all movie theaters that accept the Discover Card credit card (should you be a member of that exclusive club called anybody), making it one of the largest subscription-based theater networks in America. Continue reading “Black History Month: MoviePass, Netflix for Movies Still in Theaters”

D.I.Y. Paper-Thin, Cheap AND Super-Powerful HDTV Antenna

While you can buy any HDTV antenna from the plentiful options available at your local electronic and/or department store, you could always build your own.  Here’s the kicker: this do-it-yourself project actually looks nice enough that you would want to hang it in a window, PLUS it’s powerful enough to pick up over-the-air HD channels in your area. The best thing about this option is, of all things, it’s really cheap to make.

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YES to Home-Theater PC, NO to Cable/Satellite…

In the past 4 years, I have become disillusioned of cable/satellite television subscriptions (though we have DirecTV at the house), and I have discovered five things about my television habits:

1) I have scaled-back the amount of television I watch,
2) I spend more time playing video games and watching DVDs/Blu-rays than television,
3) Most of what I watch is available online anyway (via Hulu, Netflix, Revision3, Clicker, Crackle, Vudu, YouTube, network websites, etc.),
4) I can watch same-day-released movies for a single one-time rental (or purchase) fee on Vudu and Amazon VOD, or some older movies for free on Hulu,, and other legal sites (rather than paying the additional monthly subscriptions for premium movie channels from Cable/Satellite companies.
5) I no longer mind waiting from a few or many hours for a program to show up online, I just want to be able to watch the episode on-demand (WENT I WANT TO).