Sonic Fan (and sometimes Director) John Carpenter on His Love for the Game Series

John Carpenter has directed and/or produced some of my favorite films (from Halloween, The Thing, Escape from New York, The Fog, They Live, Big Trouble in Little China, to name a few), and I put him on my list of my favorite filmmakers of all time. The only thing that could make me idolize this man and his work more was if he were a fan of my favorite video game series…oh…huh…hold on…JOHN CARPENTER IS A SONIC THE HEDGEHOG FAN!?!?!?! ***jumping up-and-down, squealing*** Whew, ok, so, after telling The Guardian last month about how deep he was into Destiny 2, saying “I’ve dedicated my life to learning how to play it. At my age (69 years old) why not? It keeps me out of trouble.” Recently in FACT, he discusses his long-time love for SEGA’s blue-and-spiked-haired dude with an attitude. Continue reading “Sonic Fan (and sometimes Director) John Carpenter on His Love for the Game Series”

‘The Guardian’ uses Bluetooth Low Energy Tech To Keep Kids Safe

Even if you’re the most attentive, vigilant parents, small children are like magicians as they have the uncanny ability to slip away and disappear unnoticed. A startup in Taiwan, BeLuvv, has created The Guardian, which is a small wearable device — paired with a smartphone app via bluetooth — used to track your child’s movements and prevent any disappearing acts. The Guardian device sets a perimeter for each child, including a network of “co-guardians” — such as parents and a wider group of family and friends — in case a child goes missing. If so, then an emergency notification can be sent out to everyone who has downloaded the app. Continue reading “‘The Guardian’ uses Bluetooth Low Energy Tech To Keep Kids Safe”

It’s the Leaning…Roman Colosseum? WHAT?!?

So, that makes it TWO leaning buildings in Europe that The PractitioNERD has covered in two years. Hmm, makes you wonder…

Last time (if by “last time” was meant by “the last time I reported on a building in Europe that became/is becoming structurally unsound”), I discussed the structural issues in the foundation of Big Ben in London, causing it to lean. Recently, it has been discovered that the famous Colosseum in Rome is suffering a similar fate.   Continue reading “It’s the Leaning…Roman Colosseum? WHAT?!?”