The 10 Types of Architecture Students (presented by

From the 4 years I’ve spent in undergrad at Texas A&M and the extra 2 years in the Master’s program at UT-San Antonio, I can definitely say that we Architecture majors have a lot in common. As part of the lifestyle, we all have the same long-term relationship with coffee (going on 14 years strong), share the urge to cardboard shards and boxes to make models, and our university studio facility became our ‘home away from home’. Along with that, you get to know your fellow students (as you do in ANY other school), but in the world of architecture majors, our studio culture tends to hosts micro-societies of different personalities (after the break).  The Leewardists are rewriting the contemporary history of our civilization through the voice of this elusive being, The Architect.  For more about that comic series follow them on FacebookInstagram or visit their website. Continue reading “The 10 Types of Architecture Students (presented by”

Watch the Architecture Profession take a Satirical Turn in “The Architect”…

Aside from the frequent looks into the life of architect Ted Moseby from the TV series “How I Met Your Mother,” the architecture field hasn’t quite been a target for satire in the entertainment space. That brings me to “The Architect“, a new film directed by Jonathan Parker that brings forth the drama and comedy of the profession. The film features a humorous — yet somewhat believable in some cases — satire of architects, with character of the egocentric, self-centered and grandiose architect Miles Moss, portrayed by James Frain, who is working with a couple who wants him to design their dream home. Well golly-gee-whiz; what could POSSIBLY go wrong?!? Continue reading “Watch the Architecture Profession take a Satirical Turn in “The Architect”…”

Chicago’s Marina City Complex is NOW an Official City Landmark!

At almost 52 years since it was completed, Chicago’s Marina City Complex — designed by Bertrand Goldberg — has been declared an official architectural landmark. This comes after a 48-0 vote by the City Council, and now the complex of buildings will be given their official designation nine days from now on March 16, according to a report from The Architect Magazine. Continue reading “Chicago’s Marina City Complex is NOW an Official City Landmark!”