The Y-Brush, The Toothbrush Device That Can Efficiently Clean Your Teeth in 10 Seconds

French start-up company FasTeesH has developed and launched a new product that they claim can clean your teeth in 10 seconds. Aimed at the general public, the Y-Brush is designed to be able to able to brush and clean all of your teeth simultaneously and efficiently in only 10 seconds, down from the dentist-recommended 2-3 minute-long Bass Method with a regular toothbrush.

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Introducing ‘Unico,’ the 3-Second Smartbrush Mouthpiece

The common rule-of-thumb is that it should take roughly 2 minutes to properly brush one’s teeth, which pertains to using some elbow grease with a manual toothbrush to the convenience of electric toothbrushes. Now, the Unico, a “smartbrush mouthpiece” as its creators call it, claims that it will clean your teeth in only three seconds. Yes, THREE SECONDS; that’s 2.5% of the old rule-of-thumb’s time!! This sounds like it’s straight out of science fiction!!

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Get a 3D-Printed Jaw So You Can Eat Again

Remember children, if you do not take care of those ol’ chompers, you’ll have to live with badly conditioned teeth, gums, numerous surgical procedures and battling the evil disease of GIN-GA-VITIS!!!  Or… could always get yourself  a new pair of  the old incisors, canines, premolars, and molars from a freaking printer!! Last year, an 83-year-old woman in Belgium had her entire lower jaw replaced with a 3D printed replica.

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