A Barn Replacement + Farmhouse Restoration by Singer Baenziger Architekten

© Christian Senti

When Singer Baenziger Architekten took on this project of a farmhouse from the 1600s and a later-built barn (both sharing a cantilevered saddle roof) in the village center of Schlieren, Switzerland, they looked to restore the house while converting the barn building into a new living space. According to the design team, led by Roman Singer and Rémy Baenziger, the project will also include breaking up the singular roof through the use of roof windows and two roof sheds. Along with this, the outside landscape will retain the original exterior space, the unfinished nearby alley’s forecourt,  and the existing tree garden, but will add a new small private seating area for the farmhouse’s residential units. Continue reading “A Barn Replacement + Farmhouse Restoration by Singer Baenziger Architekten”

Buildings Could Be Made with This Brick-Laying Robot

All Sorts of Buildings Could Be Made with This Brick-Laying Robot

Construction, in the MOST traditional sense, can be exhausting, back-breaking work, but that may change thanks to Swiss engineers who’ve developed a brick-laying worker robot that can aid us puny humans to erect buildings.  Scientists at Zurich’s Swiss National Center of Competence in Research have created the In-situ Fabricator, a smart construction robot that uses a large arm to lay bricks in pre-programmed patterns, and its wheeled base to maneuver around construction sites without human help. Continue reading “Buildings Could Be Made with This Brick-Laying Robot”

Take a Stroll on the La Sallaz Footbridge in Switzerland…

© Roger Frei, Zurich
© Roger Frei, Zurich

This pedestrian bridge by 2b architectes, completed in 2012, is set between the Metro station and the Bois de Sauvabelin. The design team’s goal was to create a connection between the quadrangularly- constructed urban surroundings and the artificial natural landscape of le Vallon, as the bridge becomes a duality of the different geometries of its location. Depending on the perspective you interact with the structure, i. e. whether you’re crossing over the bridge as a pedestrian, or under it as a car driver, the bridges design showcases a criss-crossing of lines between the square and the street, shifting them together into a singular form. 

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The Multi-Purpose Living Cube Fits Life/Storage Into 100 Square Feet

Having recently gotten on-board the “Girls” bandwagon, I was particularly intrigued by the apartment belonging to recurring character Charlie Dattolo, which contained a series of custom space-optimizing casework, raised lounging platform over a bed alcove and a funky kitchenette. Seeing this had confirmed an personal preference that not needing a WHOLE LOT of space, just a smart method to utilize and maximize as much space as possible in a small setting.  This led me to find some work from a Swiss designer Till Könneker, who himself recently came up with a great way to maximize storage space in the limited space in his studio apartment.  Könneker created a loft bed called the Living Cube, which incorporates varied features ranging from an entertainment center, a clothes rack, and even a walk-in closet for keeping certain unmentionables out of sight. Continue reading “The Multi-Purpose Living Cube Fits Life/Storage Into 100 Square Feet”

A True “Private House”; No Shutters Necessary…

This structure is the “Private House”, a project in Uster, Switzerland, and designed by Gramazio & Kohler.  The house works as a reinterpretation of the typology of the neighboring gable-roof houses that is visually clear by its roof, which receives its design by adjusting form to context parametrically.  The house’s plan itself is a solution to a couple of particular geometric operations based upon the site and natural environment.  
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