AJ Styles on Why We Should Support Indy Wrestling…


This past Sunday, AJ Styles, the current WWE United States Champion on Smackdown Live, showed up at a NWA Wildside reunion event in his home state of Georgia. Your first question might be: How can he be allowed to attend a indy wreslting event if he’s signed to WWE? Well, Styles was off last weekend (in preparation of his busy week coming up as WWE talent work four days per week on average) so he was able to schedule the appearance.  According to Jerry “The King” Lawler from his recent podcast, WWE talent are “technically tax-wise, considered independent contractors” and can make “third-party appearances” at indy events permitted they are not scheduled to work a WWE-based booking, which is done (typically) with the indy promotion making a request to WWE, paying an agreed appearance fee, then WWE asks the talent if they would like to appear, and the deal is done. Continue reading “AJ Styles on Why We Should Support Indy Wrestling…”

Who Wants a LEGO Portal 2 Set? I DO!

LEGO CUUSOO is a forum website set up by LEGO where the community and share their ideas for concept LEGO sets, allow others to vote for your idea, and should you receive enough votes of support, the idea will be produced from a concept into an real LEGO product.  A few weeks ago, a four-man team named “Team Jigsaw” designed these concepts and submitted them to the LEGO CUUSOO initiative, hoping to have their idea have similar success of Mojang’s Minecraft set, which has recently become an real product.  Only one problem: Team Jigsaw does not own the Portal license (Valve does), and the LEGO initially refused to accept their project and Portal as a valid license.  Well, just a few days ago, the project is NOW available for voting on LEGO CUUSOO. The concept is currently sitting at just over 5,000 votes, but if it can reach 10,000 votes in one month, the LEGO Portal set will join the LEGO Minecraft set and become an actual consumer product!  Check out the concept images after the break!   Continue reading “Who Wants a LEGO Portal 2 Set? I DO!”