From Old Hard Drive to…Cotton Candy Maker?!?

In a world where cloud storage is becoming a viable primary storage option, hard disk drives coming with bigger storage and lower prices (yay upgrades), and with the prices of solid state drive (probably) falling in the next few years, you are probably like me and you’ve got a collection of at least one old hard drives just laying doing nothing. You could just throw them away (no; don’t do that), re-purpose them as external backup drives (my favorite option), or let them collect dust.  However, if you ever wanted to live your childhood dream of owning a candy shoppe (yeah, I spelled it like that) you could just turn your old hard drive into a cotton candy machine. YAY CANDY!   Continue reading “From Old Hard Drive to…Cotton Candy Maker?!?”

PSU Developing Bandages That Dissolve Into Sugar Post-Healing

Penn State University’s Department of Food Science have worked utilizing an electrospinning device to stretch fibrous strands from a solution of biodegradable food-starch. After using the solvent to dissolve the starch into fluid, the long strands are then spun and then can be woven together like textiles—an application that could potentially include the creation of napkins, tissues, paper-like products, and even medical dressings, such as gauze and bandages. Continue reading “PSU Developing Bandages That Dissolve Into Sugar Post-Healing”

Madris = Architecture + The Sims + Tetris

I first came across the independent video game Madris around this time last year; it was an entry in the “A Game By Its Cover” video game development competition. Madris is a puzzle game designed by Gary Dahl that is essentially a combination of architecture, “The Sims,” and some game called “Tetris” (**wink-wink, nudge-nudge**).  The goal of the player is to take each block (which is either a room … Continue reading Madris = Architecture + The Sims + Tetris

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