Administer Electrical Shocks: Another Thing Genesis Does What Nintendon’t!

Remember all those Sega commercials from the late-1980’s to early-1990’s that declared “Genesis Does was Nintendon’t (man, I’m old)?  That was Sega’s marketing campaign comparing their new Genesis/Mega Drive console to the aging Nintendo Entertainment System hardware, and alluding to how advanced Sega’s system was over Nintendo’s.  Dyak and Furrtek, for reasons unknown to anyone but themselves, have modded a Sega Genesis (or in their case, Mega Drive) console with some parts from a shock collar meant for training and disciplining dogs. Their project has been dubbed “The Genezap”, which delivers an electric charge of a modifiable intensity whenever the player takes damage in Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Bomberman, or any other game.   Continue reading “Administer Electrical Shocks: Another Thing Genesis Does What Nintendon’t!”