Reflective Building Pi-Crowaves Stridering Battlegrounds – WIRed #59

This week’s episode of WIRed discusses a reflective visitor’s centre in Australia, a Raspberry Pi-powered microwave, my memories of playing Strider on the Sega Genesis, The new WWE Battleground pay-per-view, and my NEW MONTHLY SERIES, “Doc’D”, which debuted this past Tuesday! HOORAY for NEW THINGS!! Continue reading “Reflective Building Pi-Crowaves Stridering Battlegrounds – WIRed #59”

Memories of ‘Strider’ on Sega Genesis!

With the news coming from San Diego Comic-Con that Capcom would be releasing an update/remake/HD-ified/something of the classic “Strider” series sometime next year, my brain was immediately hit with memories of playing the port of “Strider” on the Sega Genesis that belonged to a close friend. Years later when I repurchased a Genesis, I found and bought a boxed version of “Strider” for the Genesis (sans instruction manual), and spent hours replaying the classic from my childhood. P.S., I know there’s a NES port, but it was terrible, especially compared to the Genesis port ; the Genesis version was the EGM Video Game of the YEAR in 1990! Point. Proven! Continue reading “Memories of ‘Strider’ on Sega Genesis!”

‘Ripple Dot Zero’ gets my Sonic into your Strider

I’m up for playing a free Flash game! What about you?? Ripple Dot Zero is a game created by Pixeltruss, and it’s a love letter to the awesome Genesis-gaming years of my youth (yeah, I was a SUPER, DUPER Sega fanboy as a child). Ripple Dot Zero takes some inspiration from two popular Sega Genesis franchises under the belt of the big, blue video game company, Sonic the Hedgehog and Strider.  For example, the game main character is a genetically engineered penguin sporting a sweet pair of sneakers who escapes from his laboratory cage and bounces throughout the air via spring pads (almost like Sega’s mascot). As far a Strider references go, Ripple the Penguin — that doesn’t sound that bad — is armed with dangerous plasma claws with a pretty long reach; you know, like that super awesome sword! Plus, the music is awesome! GO. PLAY. IT. NOW!!!! Continue reading “‘Ripple Dot Zero’ gets my Sonic into your Strider”