“Cuphead” Is Constantly Punishing Me and I LOVE IT!

This past week saw the release of the long-awaited and highly-anticipated game Cuphead, a classic run-and-gun action game, developed and published by StudioMDHR Entertainment, focused on a “boss rush” style of battle system (i.e., not a lot of “levels with a boss at the end”; with few exceptions, like the “run-and-gun” test levels to hone your skills, you start almost every level by immediately fighting the boss).  What that concept may be interesting, the next eye-grabbing aspect of Cuphead is it’s visual style, being heavily inspired by 1930’s cartoons, with the visuals and audio being painstakingly created with the same techniques of the era, including traditional hand drawn cel animation, watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings.  With Cuphead’s structure and audio/visual style being huge draws to the game, the third element that adds to this game’s charm is its difficulty, which is able to find that fine balance of being challenging without being frustrating. And yeah, Cuphead WILL INDEED test your hand/eye coordination, timing, and muscle-memory.

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Bethesda’s Brink, Released in 2011, Is Now Free-To-Play

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I played a bit of Brink back in the day, and I found it mixture of multiplayer gun-play with a single-player narrative very interesting and intriguing (mainly as I was selective and hesitant of what games I played online back then), along with its addition of parkour and its levels set on floating cities. If that sounds like something you’d want to try out, then I have great news for you: the Bethesda-published, Splash-Damage-developed game—originally released in 2011—is now free-to-play on Steam. The thing is, no one (outside of Bethesda and possibly Valve) knows why. Continue reading “Bethesda’s Brink, Released in 2011, Is Now Free-To-Play”

This Past Tuesday, Half-Life (a 19 YEAR OLD Game) Was Updated for the 1st Time in 4 years…

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Given the lack of attention that Valve gives to the Half-Life game series, it comes to a minor shock when at least ONE HUMAN BEING at the company is keeping an eye on the iconic and legendary 1998 first-person shooter. This past Tuesday, the original game got patched, and before you ask, it looks to have NOTHING to do with Half-Life 3, an announcement of Half-Life 3, or the existence of Half-Life 3. **teardrop** 

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New Trailer and Release Date for ‘Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days’

If you’ve ever felt the eagerness to hop into the world of any movie from Quentin Tarantino, than you might enjoy this bit of news. A new cinematic-style trailer and release date has been announced for Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, which will be out on PC and Steam on May 18  (that’s NEXT month!). The game centers around the bank robbery plot of the classic Quentin … Continue reading New Trailer and Release Date for ‘Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days’

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Check out ‘Slayaway Camp’ If You’re a Slasher Flick Fan AND a Fan of Puzzle Games!

As a huge fan of horror and slasher movies (especially from the late-1970s to the 1980s), a game like ‘Slayaway Camp,‘ an top-down isometric puzzle game, is right down my alley; plus, IT’S FREE! In ‘Slayaway Camp,’ you play the killer in a collection of old VHS movies, as you maneuver to hack-and-slash as many as hapless characters who are dumb enough to tempt slasher-troupe fates (i.e., singing at campfires, canoodle around, etc.) while avoiding falling in pits are becoming trapped between obstacles. Continue reading “Check out ‘Slayaway Camp’ If You’re a Slasher Flick Fan AND a Fan of Puzzle Games!”

‘That Dragon, Cancer’ to be this month on January 12th

That Dragon, Cancer. is an independently developed game that showcased an early demo, allowing the player to slowly explore the hospital room of a father and his young son. The young son was dying, and the father felt powerless.  The development of the title has surely been difficult, as one of the developers is the father the game is about and his son passed away during development. Continue reading “‘That Dragon, Cancer’ to be this month on January 12th”

What’s Another Way to Use the Steam Controller? Using Your Head…

Well, That's One Way To Use A Steam Controller

Well, THIS didn’t take long, did it? The Steam Controller is an interesting looking PC controller (which is why I covered it HERE), but if you want a truly immersive first-person shooting experience and feel like your really in the game, look into attaching a Steam controller to your head.  That’s what Plasma Quark‘s creative proto-VR does, as he’s set the Steam controller’s gyroscopic controls to always-on and attached it to his headphones. You can see a sample of the results in the GIF above, as he’s essentially created a rudimentary head-tracking setup paired with mouse-and-keyboard controls. It might look strange and silly, but also pretty smooth. Continue reading “What’s Another Way to Use the Steam Controller? Using Your Head…”

Don’t Forget to Play ‘Kung Fury’ on PS4!

I had absolutely NO IDEA that there was a video game based on the short-film movie Kung Fury (and if you haven’t watched it yet, it’s up on YouTube for FREE) and it’s called Kung Fury: Street Rage. Apparently, the fairly simple beat-’em-up video game has been available on Steam and mobile for a while now, but it’s ALSO  available for the PlayStation 4. Continue reading “Don’t Forget to Play ‘Kung Fury’ on PS4!”

Now You Can Get Physical Boxes for your Digital Steam Games

Steam Game CoversAny game that you purchase from Steam is digital; they exist entirely on your PC or on servers. But because they’re digital, doesn’t mean that they have to remain JUST digital. Steam Game Covers is a site dedicated to the creation and hosting of templates people can use to make their own physical cases for Steam games. Much like we’ve been doing for those games we purchase second-hand that don’t come with covers, after you back up your game on a disc, print out a cover, put it in a CD jewel case or DVD case or what have you, and viola: now you have a physical Steam collection on your shelf or desk or box or attic. Continue reading “Now You Can Get Physical Boxes for your Digital Steam Games”

Scallops In Yo’ BODY!! – WIRed #128


It’s time for Episode 128 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses a stimulating retirement and nursing home, tiny scallop robots to repair our bodies, the worst loadouts possible in Team Fortress 2, and the rocky beginnings of Rocky Maivia! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Scallops In Yo’ BODY!! – WIRed #128”