Got ‘Kingdom Hearts III’? About to Play ‘Kingdom Hearts III’? Here’s a Kingdom Hearts Timeline video from the spirit of GameTrailers…

Allow me to regale you in the days of GameTrailers (pre-IGN buyout); they were at one place THE place to watch video game trailers and excellent original and contracted content. They also produced some excellent video game series retrospectives (The Legend of Zelda, Metal Gear, and Halo series’ included, just to name a few), as well as a short-lived series attempting to make sense confusing … Continue reading Got ‘Kingdom Hearts III’? About to Play ‘Kingdom Hearts III’? Here’s a Kingdom Hearts Timeline video from the spirit of GameTrailers…

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The Opening Theme to ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ to be Penned by Hiraku Utada and…Skrillex?!?!

Image result for Hikaru Utada Skrillex

On September 28, Square Enix announced that Skrillex and Hikaru Utada will be collaborating to write and produce a new song for the upcoming — and highly-anticipated and long-awaited — JRPG, Kingdom Hearts 3. The track, titled ‘Face my Fears’, will open the game when it comes out early next year. Some minor background: Grammy Award winning Skrillex has been a long-time fan of the game franchise and has produced remixes of Hikaru Utada’s previous songs, including ‘Don’t Think Twice.’  Continue reading “The Opening Theme to ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ to be Penned by Hiraku Utada and…Skrillex?!?!”

Honest Trailers TRIES To Make Sense of the ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Series; Succeeds?…

The latest video from the crew over at Honest Trailers focuses on gaming’s favorite high-speed collision of universes — namely the Final Fantasy and Disney ones — , Kingdom Hearts. As with most Honest Trailers, the popular mash-up gaming series comes out a pile of twisted metal, all in effort to make SOME SENSE of its convoluted storyline. Geez, and I thought following the Metal Gear Solid timeline was a chore, and I’m a HUGE FAN of that series! It’s fair to say that the trailer brings a very good question light: where’s the heck is the Pixar universe?!? Continue reading “Honest Trailers TRIES To Make Sense of the ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Series; Succeeds?…”

Counting Halloween! – WIRed #123

It’s time for a spooky Episode 123 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses the resurgence of JFK airport’s Terminal 6, be the DJ who scratches audio tapes, Final Fantasy XV as a polygonal PlayStation 1 game, and get to know the awesome Veda Scott! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Counting Halloween! – WIRed #123”

So Here’s ‘Final Fantasy XV’…as a PSone Game?!?

Final Fantasy XV... As A PlayStation 1 Game

If you’re one of those Final Fantasy fans — like myself — who strongly believed the series peaked with VII and felt that the series had been on a steep decline ever since — personally, IX has been my favorite, and really the only polarizing game in the series since VII has to be XIII; or the blatant pay-to-win rip-off  ‘All The Bravest” on iOS… –then you are going to get a kick out of this.  Freelance animator Mark Jenkins re-imagined the upcoming Final Fantasy XV as a PlayStation 1 game, and the results he chronicled on his Tumblr, are just wonderful. If you can, take yourself back to the mid-to-late 1990’s, and imagine taking that weekly trip to Blockbuster Video or Hollywood Video and you feast your eyes on this wonderful piece of goodness (after the break): Continue reading “So Here’s ‘Final Fantasy XV’…as a PSone Game?!?”

The PSP gets Final Fantasy 3 TODAY! Wait, PSP?

I absolutely love the Final Fantasy series.  The original NES version of the game was one of the first games I played when I was in Kindergarten and First Grade.  Over the years I have played many other role-playing games and amassed quite of collection of them in my overall video game collection including many games in Final Fantasy series, like the PSP remakes of Final Fantasy 1 & 2 (not “4”, “2”).  Later today, Final Fantasy 3 (not “6”, “3”) will be available to download on PSP on September 25, as revealed in a recent PlayStation Blog.  Yes, you read that correctly, the PlayStation Portable; the ever-loving P-S-P.   Continue reading “The PSP gets Final Fantasy 3 TODAY! Wait, PSP?”

Facebooking Gehry, Solar Energy Spheres, Secret Shenmue 3 & E-C-W is Born! – WIRed #10

This week’s episode of The PractitioNERD discusses the World Headquarters of Stalking gets a new HQ (, Solar Spheres better than Solar Panels (, the subliminal release of Shenmue 3 (, and ECW? Born out of Controversy? Really? (
…also, THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK!! Continue reading “Facebooking Gehry, Solar Energy Spheres, Secret Shenmue 3 & E-C-W is Born! – WIRed #10”

WAIT! Sleeping Dogs = Shenmue 3?!? WTFOMGWTHBBQ?!?!

It appears that YouTuber DSimphony has uncovered one of the biggest secrets in the history of video games.  According to this video, it seems that gaming companies Sega and Square Enix attempted to mask this over and let this slip past us. Unfortunately for them, gamers are an intelligent and resourceful group of people with extraordinary resources.  Funny; I wrote about this particular Square Enix game just a week ago… Continue reading “WAIT! Sleeping Dogs = Shenmue 3?!? WTFOMGWTHBBQ?!?!”

You Got Your “Hard Boiled” movie in my “Sleeping Dogs” game!

In the feature “Stiq Flicks,” film and video game industry freelance writer Kevin Kelly, examines video games and attempts to pair them with matching films. This past week’s release of Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs, an open world, action-crime drama game opened itself to comparisons to popular –and plentiful — Asian crime action films. In the most recent edition of “Stiq Films,” Kelly examines the similarities between the game, and the classic 1992 action movie Hard Boiled, directed by John Woo.   Continue reading “You Got Your “Hard Boiled” movie in my “Sleeping Dogs” game!”

Be Immersed in the Pre-E3 2012 Hype!

DAY 0 (Pre-E3)

Aloha, fellow gamers!! This is the time of year that we all look forward to on the yearly gaming calendar (next to the dates of certain game releases we are looking forward to) is the annual Electronics Entertainment Expo, also known as “E3.” Just in the past 18 hours, many brand new trailers for some of the games that are to be announced/mentioned/revealed/updated about at the convention. All next week — from Monday June 4th to Wednesday June 6th — The PractitioNERD is be featuring the “Daily Top Five” stories of the day at E3. After the break, check out some of those trailers, including Tomb Raider (which I have recently gushed about), Metal Gear Rising (as a HUGE fan of the Metal Gear series), and more; all of which will available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and (most likely) PC. Continue reading “Be Immersed in the Pre-E3 2012 Hype!”