Sou Fujimoto’s Polyhedral Naoshima Pavilion Opened in Japan

This is a building with a design so interesting and unique that just some write-up about it just won’t do.  Tokyo-based French architect and filmmaker Vincent Hecht decided to capture the opening of Sou Fujimoto’s Naoshima Pavilion along the Kagawa shoreline in Japan. The inhabitable, polyhedral, seven-meter, white stainless steel structure is part of the 2016 Setouchi Triennale. Check out the video below  to check out the video in its … Continue reading Sou Fujimoto’s Polyhedral Naoshima Pavilion Opened in Japan

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This Taiwan Tower is a MOST Surreal Building…

If you take a good look at that little strip of green on top of that building, you’ll see that it’s actually a forest, and it’s floating 1000 feet above Taiwan’s skyline.  This forest is actually sitting on a blue glow of anti-gravity beams (NAH, I’m just kidding). Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Taiwan Tower, a banyan tree-like structure designed by Tokyo-based architect Sou Fujimoto, a giant steel superstructure that may become the most surreal piece of engineering ever seen. It was selected as the first prize winner for the Taiwan Tower International Competition in 2011, and it reflects on Fujimoto’s philosophy of Primitive Future, as the “21st Century Oasis” that aspires to be a model of green architecture for the future generations of buildings. Continue reading “This Taiwan Tower is a MOST Surreal Building…”