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Pretty Much the Ending to ‘Metal Gear Solid 2’; or ANY Game in that Series…

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Board Game "RISK" adapts to the Metal Gear Solid series


Ah yes, RISK; the classic turn-based strategy board game in which two to six players attempt to occupy every territory on the board and eliminate all competing forces.  Over the past 10 years or so, RISK has been going under a series of changes; from the major streamlining of the game’s rules back in 2008, to the multiple amount of licensed versions (i.e., Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Narnia, Transformers, and Halo among others), each version with their own unique set of rules.  Announced a few months back at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, it become knowledge that the popular and esteemed “Metal Gear Solid” video game series would be receiving its own version of the turn-based strategy game.

The Metal Gear Solid edition of RISK will feature the five private military corporations (PMCs) that were included in the 2008 PlayStation 3 game, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.  This version also gives the players the opportunity to launch a “nuclear strike,” utilizing the capabilities of the titular walking battle tank, Metal Gear REX (from the 1998 Metal Gear Solid game for the PlayStation), should a player have control of it during the game. Also included is a special dice and an Outer Heaven carrier piece used for stealthy sneak attacks in this versions other two rule options. If you just want to play the game the good-ol’ fashioned way, don’t sweat, my man; you’ll still be able to play the standard game of RISK sans the additional rules of the MGS version.

If the history of RISK adapting itself with a multitude of varied licenses into successful stand-alone games (rather than solely depending on novelty and promotion) says anything, I think we may have another amazing board game on our hands.  RISK: Metal Gear Solid Edition is available for pre-order NOW exclusively through USAopoly.com for $50.  I, for one, am very excited about this!!

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