Watch the Google Pixel 2 Event HERE! (Annnnd, It’s Over!)

We’re an hour away from Google’s big hardware event, where the big “G” is expected to announce new devices, including new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, a new Chromebook, a smaller variant of Google Home, a new Daydream headset, and maybe a few more surprises. Starting Times: San Francisco: 9AM / New York: 12PM / London: 5PM / Berlin: 6PM / Moscow: 7PM … Continue reading Watch the Google Pixel 2 Event HERE! (Annnnd, It’s Over!)

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What Would an iPhone From 1985 Look Like?

Pierre Cerveau

Some of my fondest childhood memories involve booting up the Apple computers at my elementary school (and I’m talking early-1990s) to play Number Munchers, Oregon Trail, the Carmen SanDiego games, or make some pixel art in MacPaint. However, back in those days, Apple wasn’t into mobile devices yet (much like many other tech companies at the time), but artist Pierre Cerveau wanted to take a crack at the theory of what Apple’s very first smartphone might have looked like if it were made in the 1980s. Continue reading “What Would an iPhone From 1985 Look Like?”

Plywood OnePlus New/Old Twins – WIRed #120

It’s time for Episode 120 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses a house that predominantly showcases plywood, how you can get a OnePlus One phone, how one game is really TWO games, and the reveal of the Brothers Hebner in WWF! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Plywood OnePlus New/Old Twins – WIRed #120”

Did You Get Your OnePlus One Android Phone Yet?

You Can Buy a OnePlus One Starting Next MonthIf you’ve a smartphone aficionado who’s been browsing the world wide interwebz lately, you’re aware that the OnePlus One is a fantastic Android (through CyanogenMod) phone with a fantastic price tag. But, like with many awesome things, the One Plus One is pretty darn near impossible to find one to buy. Why, because you needed an invitation (which ranged from impossible requirements to straight-up near-sexist marketing tactics; i.e. the “ladies-only selfie contest”) to buy a OnePlus One, but that is about to end, because THIS MONTH you’ll be able to just go ahead and buy one, if you’re quick enough. Continue reading “Did You Get Your OnePlus One Android Phone Yet?”

EcoXPower: Charge Your Phone & Head/Tail Lights While You Bike

It may not be news to most people of using the power of pedaling your bicycle to charge your phone or power headlights.  However, the folks over at the EcoXPower are bringing a whole new concept to the table (sort of).  Their new device for your bicycle will allow you to power BOTH your phone and lights at the SAME TIME!  THE FUTURE!!   Continue reading “EcoXPower: Charge Your Phone & Head/Tail Lights While You Bike”

Carmen Sandiego steals Pro Wrestling Art from a Martian Bus Station – WIRed #2

This week on “The PractitioNERD Show,” I discuss:
the Carmen Sandiego movie adaptation [],
a Spanish bus station that could be a martian spaceship [],
the U.S. Army becomes the literal “Android Army” [],
my love for Retro City Rampage [], and
why Pro Wrestling art show be in the Louvre []   Continue reading “Carmen Sandiego steals Pro Wrestling Art from a Martian Bus Station – WIRed #2”

The $1 Smartphone Projector

If you keep track of tech or just happen upon a projector at your local store or newspaper ad, you’ll notice how expensive they can be.  If you’re thinking about creating your own projector for, of all things, your smartphone on the cheap, then Instructables user “iamaledgend” has a little project for you to take a peek at. You’ll need the following items: a magnifying … Continue reading The $1 Smartphone Projector

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