The Master Plan for Sasaki’s “Forest City” in Iskandar Malaysia Stretches Across FOUR Islands!

SAY WHA?!?!? Along four man-made islands in Iskandar Malaysia, “Forest City” — designed by Sasaki Associates — is in route of becoming Southeast Asia’s largest mixed-use green development. Its master plan already has an estimated investment of S$58.3 billion (or US$40.9 billion) and is predicted to create approximately new 220,000 jobs to the area. The Forest City’s location near southeast Asia’s economic/commerce/culture hub (which contains financial institutions, R&D facilities, headquarter offices, etc.) is perfect for promoting live/work culture and “establish an innovative and sustainable employment base for the region,” as stated by the architects. We might have to wait until about 2036 to see the completion of this project though. Maybe Mighty No. 9 will be out by then…

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Design Festival, ChromeOS/Windows 8, Silent Hill & Jim Duggan – WIRed #70

Howdy, Hey There And Hello! This week on WIRed, I show you the winners of the World Architecture Festival, how Chrome OS got into Windows 8, the eerie and frightening soundtracks to the Silent Hill games, and how Hacksaw Jim Duggan won the WCW US title! Also, my PlayStation 4 preorder changed like many other people, so thank you Ubisoft for the ten dollars of Amazon credit!

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The 9 Winners From The World Architecture Festival

The annual, three-day World Architecture Festival was recently held, and it’s about more than just awards, as every attendees has the opportunity to take part in a bountiful buffet of lectures, talks and critiques, take a look at the numerous design installations and galleries, and network with fellow luminaries in the design field, ranging from students to the well-known professionals.  Since — as in most cases of ANY event — neither I and most likely you didn’t make it to the fabulous Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore for this year’s event, we can all finally enjoy a bit of the action –more so the result, anyway –, as the winners of the competition have finally been announced. Between the three major categories—Completed Buildings, Landscape Projects, and Future Projects—there’s a lot of wonderful, shiny, architectural eye candy from all over the world for you to stare at and not get slapped in the face. Continue reading “The 9 Winners From The World Architecture Festival”