Torin’s Pasasge: An Underrated Classic

Back in the summer of 1995, our family got our first Windows-based computer, an IBM Aptiva running Windows 95.  Along with the computer came some free software, including the only type of software that interested a 10-year-old boy: VIDJA GAEMS! I loved playing “Caesar II”, “The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain”, and “Battle Beast”, the game I put the most hours into was “Torin’s Passage”, an underappreciated point-and-click adventure game designed by Al Lowe (of “Leisure Suit Larry” fame) from Sierra On-Line.  “Torin’s Passage” holds the distinction of being Lowe’s family-friendly game, a contrast from the adult-oriented “Leisure Suit Larry” titles — which surprised many fans of his work –, as Lowe stated:

“I think many people misunderstood Torin’s Passage, however. It was designed for a parent to share with a child, because I wanted a game that Megan (my then 11-year-old daughter) and I could play together.”   Continue reading “Torin’s Pasasge: An Underrated Classic”