Meet The K-Boc, the Germ-Killing, Antibacterial Doormat

A recent study from the University of Arizona reveled that almost 500,000 units of bacteria make their home in a new pair of shoes in only two weeks. Even more interesting, these same bacteria can live longer on the shoe’s soles than toilet seats, among many other places. Thankfully, for this issue, there’s a upcoming crowdfunding project that looks to resolve that issue….at least for when you are returning indoors from being outdoors. Continue reading “Meet The K-Boc, the Germ-Killing, Antibacterial Doormat”

The MucoJet, for Needle-Free, Painless Vaccinations…

Injections for vaccinations, while saving the lives of millions of people from common sicknesses and diseases, are still pretty painful; particularly for younger children who are most at risk of diseases. That might change within the next ten years, thanks to researchers in Dorian Liepmann’s lab at the University of California, Berkeley, who’ve developed the MucoJet. The creation is a needle-free, pill-sized, 3D-printed device that shoots a stream of vaccine into the tissue of the cheek, making vaccinations practically painless. Continue reading “The MucoJet, for Needle-Free, Painless Vaccinations…”