Someone Put a HOTEL in a QUARRY in China!

(c) Blackstation & Kevin

We’ve seen this done with football stadiums, amusement parks and shopping complexes (with the last two examples having already happened in San Antonio), but architect
Martin Jochman and his studio JADE + QA had gone ahead and designed a hotel in a quarry. In fact, the International Shanghai Wonderland Hotel (a.k.a. the Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental) — located in Songjiang, Shanghai, China and opened on November 15th of last year — is the world’s first hotel to be designed and built in a quarry, in which only two levels are above ground, while the other 16 levels rest among and into the quarry below. The building’s international award-winning design (which won said award all the way back in 2006) includes amenities such as an underwater restaurant and aquarium (located in the two lowest underwater levels), all set within a form aiming to minimize its impact on the local environment.

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These Tree-Covered Mountains are actually a Mixed-Use Development in Shanhai


I know what you’re thinking; did Heatherwick Studio just design a literally-mountainous mixed-use plan for the main arts district in Shanghai.  If so, then yes, I AM a psychic and I CAN read your mind in great detail. Their project, called M50,  is a roughly-3.3 million-square-meter “piece of topography” taking the shape of “two tree-covered mountains” populated by “400 terraces” and “1000 structural columns.” WOW! Continue reading “These Tree-Covered Mountains are actually a Mixed-Use Development in Shanhai”