A New Trailer for ‘Red Dead Redemption II’ is HERE!

A brand new story trailer for Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2 just came out today. According to this story-focused trailer (which is full of hand-to-hand fighting and some stagecoach battles), this new game is a prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption, and you’ll play the role of Arthur Morgan of the Dutch van der Linde gang. An updated summary explains that: “After a robbery goes badly … Continue reading A New Trailer for ‘Red Dead Redemption II’ is HERE!

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‘Night Trap’ Re-release Sparks ‘Night Trap 2’ Development; Work on Sequel to Speed Up After NT1’s Ports are Done

This Friday, the remaster of the classic/infamous full-motion video game Night Trap will be re-released in a limited physical run on August 11 (thanks to developer Screaming Villains & Limited Run Games), while the digital release on PS4 and PC takes place on August 15. Due to the positive feedback of the re-release, its sequel, Night Trap 2, is currently in the very early stages of development as it aims to go into full-speed after the original game’s other remastered ports are finished and released. Another interesting little tid-bit is that the original game director, James Riley, will be heavily involved in the sequel’s development. Continue reading “‘Night Trap’ Re-release Sparks ‘Night Trap 2’ Development; Work on Sequel to Speed Up After NT1’s Ports are Done”

A Classic Returns! ‘Shadowrun Returns’ coming to Steam in June!

Shadowrun is a science fantasy role-playing game, first published in 1989, that is set in a near-future fictional universe where cybernetics, crime,  magic and fantasy creatures co-exist. The original game spawned a diverse franchise that includes a collectible card game, two miniature-based wargames, multiple video games, a series of novels and music.  My earlier experiences with the Shadowrun franchise is limited to the two video games released for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, and now — thanks to Kickstarter — Shadowrun Returns, the long-awaited video game sequel, will be coming out for PC this summer!   Continue reading “A Classic Returns! ‘Shadowrun Returns’ coming to Steam in June!”

Footage of the Cancelled “Primal Rage 2” Video Game

Remember Primal Rage? The game with the killer, fighting dinosaurs? The one with the wonky control and combo scheme? The arcade and console software that was a direct result of the craze of motion-captured, violent fighting games stemming from the original Mortal Kombat?  Or that game where the main interesting thing was watching the losing dinosaur’s brain deflate and heart explode upon defeat?  If you remember all that to a “T,”  please GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! Anyway, its sequel, Primal Rage 2, is one of those mythical cancelled games that has many rumors and legends surrounding its life and eventual death, and now we finally get a glimpse at what it could have looked like.   Continue reading “Footage of the Cancelled “Primal Rage 2” Video Game”

Social Design with Quantel Paintbox in a ZombiU Strap Match – WIRed #22


This week on episode 22 of WIRed, the Public Interest Design Institute Asks Architects to Tackle Social Needs, a Quantel Paintbox Demo from 1990, ZombiU is the Longest-Delayed Game Sequel Ever (NOT Duke Nukem Forever) & Pro Wrestling’s Strap Match — without the dirty stuff…maybe.   Continue reading “Social Design with Quantel Paintbox in a ZombiU Strap Match – WIRed #22”

The Longest-Delayed Game Sequel Ever (Nope; it’s not Duke Nukem Forever)

“ZombiU” is actually a sequel to prior game in the series…

Chances are now that many of you fellow gamers are enjoying playing your brand new Wii U system that just came out this past Sunday (if you’re curious about the system, CLICK HERE).  One game in particular for the system, Ubisoft’s ZombiU, is actually a sequel to a game released 26 years, in fact, many people don’t even realize that it’s even a sequel at all.  At first is may seem that the oddly-spelled title was a reference to Nintendo’s console — as with their history of adding “Super” in many Super Nintendo games, “64” at the end of Nintendo 64 titles, “DS” or “3DS” in some form on Nintendo DS games, and “Wii” to many Wii titles — but it’s actually a reference to its predecessor, entitled Zombi.

Continue reading “The Longest-Delayed Game Sequel Ever (Nope; it’s not Duke Nukem Forever)”

WAIT! Sleeping Dogs = Shenmue 3?!? WTFOMGWTHBBQ?!?!

It appears that YouTuber DSimphony has uncovered one of the biggest secrets in the history of video games.  According to this video, it seems that gaming companies Sega and Square Enix attempted to mask this over and let this slip past us. Unfortunately for them, gamers are an intelligent and resourceful group of people with extraordinary resources.  Funny; I wrote about this particular Square Enix game just a week ago… Continue reading “WAIT! Sleeping Dogs = Shenmue 3?!? WTFOMGWTHBBQ?!?!”