Analogue announces the ‘Mega Sg”, a.k.a., the PREMIUM Sega Genesis clone console…


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Analogue has been making great-quality recreation video game consoles for reliving our favorite old-school games via modern technology. So far, they’ve released the Analogue Nt and the more-compact Nt mini (for playing NES and Famicom games) and the Super Nt (for playing your old Super Nintendo games). While they come in at a premium price, there’s good reason for it; they rely on an field programmable gate array — or FPGA — technology rather than the common route of emulation found in most other retro clone systems. Now, Analogue is taking the next logical step and are announcing the the Mega Sg, which will be compatible with your Genesis, Mega Drive, and Master System cartridges. Plus, you’ll be able to connect your original Sega CD and Mega-CD add-on systems. SCORE! Continue reading “Analogue announces the ‘Mega Sg”, a.k.a., the PREMIUM Sega Genesis clone console…”

Classic Game ‘Another World’ Has Been RE-Released on Consoles!

Another WorldAnother World is a classically freaky platformer that's coming to PS4 photoThe artsy-looking and surreal platformer Another World (or as I remember it “Out of This World” on the SNES) will FINALLY make its way to new/current/last-generation consoles (after hitting the PC on Steam and Good Old Games) as the ’20th Anniversary Edition’ on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita (with cross-buy feature, cross-platform trophies, and cross-save), Nintendo 3DS & WiiU, and the Xbox One, and I couldn’t be more excited! **SQUEEEEEEEEEE** . This classic game is 20 years old – WOW – and even though it’s been released on several different game consoles, but it’s still exciting to see it on the current systems that have the technical goods to make Another World look every bit as beautifully bizarre as it should. Continue reading “Classic Game ‘Another World’ Has Been RE-Released on Consoles!”

Blind Center Online Dunce-ery Swing Timing Wrestling Realities – WIRed #76

On the seventy-sixth edition of WIRed, we talk about an accessible community center for blind Scottish veterans, how to stop doing stupid stuff online, what time is Swing Time, and can you dig the Reality of Wrestling, sucka?! Continue reading “Blind Center Online Dunce-ery Swing Timing Wrestling Realities – WIRed #76”

It’s SWINGTIME, Fools!!

What’s “Swing Time,” you ask? Well, its the so-early-1990’s opening song performed by rock band Mr. Big (of “Be With You” fame) from the 1993 Sega CD version of the game, The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin, a side-scrolling platformer produced by Sega of America and developed by Technopop. It was also released on the Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, and Game Gear.  Since the Sega CD version included several improvements to game to take advantage of extra memory capabilities of the CD-ROM system (i.e., animated scenes, voice acting, two new levels, extra combat moves, in-game collectible extras, and an original score by Spencer Nilsen), another extra was the song “Swing Time” by Mr. Big to play during the game’s intro. Continue reading “It’s SWINGTIME, Fools!!”