Did Your PC Freeze? Try This Windows Hotkey BEFORE Restarting Your PC…

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In case your Windows PC ever freezes, you actually DON’T have to restart the computer. It turns out that Windows has a generally unknown keyboard shortcut that restarts your video drivers, which is basically what you could try to fix freezes that would otherwise need a forced restart. What this key combination does is restart the graphics subsystem for Windows 10 and Windows 8 computers; no keyboard shortcut for restarting your graphics drivers exists on Windows 7. Continue reading “Did Your PC Freeze? Try This Windows Hotkey BEFORE Restarting Your PC…”

Leaked Images of Apple’s Future “Spaceship” Campus

A new “confidential” image provided to AppleInsider this past Friday purported to be from Apple’s architectural team is identified as “Main Building A3 Office Facade Perspective.”  It offers a closer look at the design project, named “Campus Development,” of the company’s planned “spaceship” campus in Cupertino, Calif.  The design of the building is identical to earlier images provided by the City of Cupertino, showing an artist’s rendition of was Apple’s new large campus would look like, as one of the signature features was the curved glass along the exterior.   Continue reading “Leaked Images of Apple’s Future “Spaceship” Campus”

WAIT! Sleeping Dogs = Shenmue 3?!? WTFOMGWTHBBQ?!?!

It appears that YouTuber DSimphony has uncovered one of the biggest secrets in the history of video games.  According to this video, it seems that gaming companies Sega and Square Enix attempted to mask this over and let this slip past us. Unfortunately for them, gamers are an intelligent and resourceful group of people with extraordinary resources.  Funny; I wrote about this particular Square Enix game just a week ago… Continue reading “WAIT! Sleeping Dogs = Shenmue 3?!? WTFOMGWTHBBQ?!?!”