Halloween & Hollywood Show the Scary Side of Architecture

Never walk toward it. JUST RUN!!

With Halloween coming around the corner this Wednesday, it’s fun to get into the spirit of the season with costumes, pumpkin-carving, trick-or-treating, horror movies, and…well…scary, haunted houses, or course. Whether your scare easy and hate it, scare easy and love it, or you just love scary movies in general (like myself), and have your collection of favorite films (one of my favorites is the one to the left, being the proud Texan that I am). While I’d love to on-and-on about my favorite horror films, you could just click this link for a brief synopsis of my favorite horror flicks, instead. For now, I’ll just stick to pictures of these architecturally frightening homes with the creaking doors and floors, dark corners, scary basements, and trembling walls surrounded by frightening weather. Also, most of these houses you can actually still go to and see them in person for yourself!   Continue reading “Halloween & Hollywood Show the Scary Side of Architecture”