Reminder: The IRS IS NOT Calling You…

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Happy Tax Season everyone! It’s the time of year to go through all of your records, receipts, W-2’s, statements, donation documents and more to try to get some of that cash you overpaid to ol’ Uncle Sam. Unfortunately, it’s also that time of year where scammers will contact you via phone, email, and (in some cases) social media accounts (fo’ real, tho?), claim that they’re from the IRS and threaten that they’ll contact the authorities if you don’t pay up. SPOILER ALERT: the IRS is NOT calling you, they WILL NOT threaten you with police action, and they WILL NOT demand that you pay them money at that exact moment. File this warning under “a representative from Microsoft” and/or “a representative from Windows” will NEVER contact you about a computer issue you’re having; I had to educate THREE people at my church of that AGAIN this past week in UNDER a 24-HOUR PERIOD.
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BEWARE: The Biggest SCAMS on the Internet

Oh Internet, how do I love and enjoy thee; the abundance of information and service you provide and the ability to accomplish and finish tasks at a very convenient fashion. However, this ability to make an abundance of information and services readily available also attracts ne’er-do-wells looking to make a quick buck at your expense. Below is a video from one of my favorite web … Continue reading BEWARE: The Biggest SCAMS on the Internet

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