Finally, Here’s an Internet Security Basics Course for the Whole Family; Just in Time for the Holidays!

Are you planning on spending time with your extended family this holiday season? Are you also the designated computer/techie/gadget-person of the family that EVERYONE tells their computer issues to or asks how to set up their devices? If so — I feel your pain — then you should consider having them take a seat and watch this series of internet security videos.  If fact, you should probably REQUIRE them to watch it.  Courtesy of a security company called Varonis, this course has five in-depth lessons on topics such as: creating a good and secure password, how to know what websites to trust, how to better protect your smartphone, and even a lesson about the internet of things (if they get something like a Nest, WeeMo, Amazon Echo, Google Home, or any other smart device like those). Continue reading “Finally, Here’s an Internet Security Basics Course for the Whole Family; Just in Time for the Holidays!”

The Best Privacy-Protecting Browser Extensions

With the topic of privacy coming into the forefront in the past few years, many developers have released browser extensions that promise to protect your privacy. However all of that leads to some very common questions: Which is the best? Do all of them do the same thing? What extensions should I download? Lifehacker put together a guide that takes a look at the most popular browser extensions that aim to protect your online privacy online, so here are my four personal recommendations from that list. Continue reading “The Best Privacy-Protecting Browser Extensions”

Some History Behind Why Some Front Doors are Red…

There’s something about a red front door that calls your attention to building.  It makes a bright, confident and cheerful statement to those you are about to enter or just happen to pass by. After some light research, it turns out there are MANY reasons red is the popular color choice around the world for front doors. So go ahead and ask yourself, should you paint your door red, what exactly are you telling the rest of the world?
Continue reading “Some History Behind Why Some Front Doors are Red…”

Check You Tire’s Tread Wear with Built-in Sensors

As the owner of a brand new (used) car, maintenance has become a new part of my schedule to be sure my pretty little 2002 Volkswagen Passat GLS is running at its optimal best.  Thing like fluids, parts, accessories and milage are important, but ESPECIALLY the tire, because driving on highways (particularly in Texas, the “wild, wild west” of highway speed limits) with bald tires is a very, very, VERY bad idea.  Continental is bolstering its Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS ) to not only monitor your tire pressure but its tread depth, too. Continue reading “Check You Tire’s Tread Wear with Built-in Sensors”