Neoclassical Architecture – Doc’D #65

PractitioNERD Documented, or “Doc’D,” is BACK in a new monthly format, and we’re kicking it off with a ‘somewhat fast-paced’ presentation of an architecture-themed episode, in which host Montez McCrary will be talking about the history, influence and lasting legacy of Neoclassical Architecture. Continue reading “Neoclassical Architecture – Doc’D #65”

It’s the Leaning…Roman Colosseum? WHAT?!?

So, that makes it TWO leaning buildings in Europe that The PractitioNERD has covered in two years. Hmm, makes you wonder…

Last time (if by “last time” was meant by “the last time I reported on a building in Europe that became/is becoming structurally unsound”), I discussed the structural issues in the foundation of Big Ben in London, causing it to lean. Recently, it has been discovered that the famous Colosseum in Rome is suffering a similar fate.   Continue reading “It’s the Leaning…Roman Colosseum? WHAT?!?”