Next Month, A Japanese Hospital will use Robots to help during the Night Shift

A robot travels automatically inside Nagoya University Hospital carrying a load of drugs and test samples. (Ayako Tsukidate)

Nagoya, Japan once had a whole museum dedicated to robotics, so it comes to no surprise (at leas to us here at The PractitioNERD) that a local hospital will add robots developed by Toyota Industries — a subsidiary of the automaker that produces auto parts and electronics — to its medical staff. While these bots won’t be conducting surgeries (yet, anyway), come this February, four robots will be deployed at Nagoya University Hospital will transport medicine and test samples from floor-to-floor for a one-year trial period during its 5PM to 8AM night shift. Should the trial succeed in assisting the staff during times when fewer people are walking the floors, the hospital may elect to deploy more units. Continue reading “Next Month, A Japanese Hospital will use Robots to help during the Night Shift”

Behold this Mind-controlled Robot That Gives the Disabled a Taste of Travel

Wow you guys; we already have brain-controlled robot limbs assisting the disabled regain some mobility, but what about a free-roaming operating FULL-FLEDGED robots controlled by our thoughts?!? Seems far-fetched and elusive, right?  WRONG! Swiss researchers have developed a mind-controlled telepresence robot that allows anyone with motor disabilities to travel when it would otherwise prove to be impractical.  Continue reading “Behold this Mind-controlled Robot That Gives the Disabled a Taste of Travel”


BattleBots Is Back After Ten Years, And It's Bound To Be Incredible

OH. HECK. YEAH!!!!! BattleBots is coming back to television this summer, as many homemade robots will battle to the death (of the electronic/mechanical equivalent of such) , just as Issac Asimov intended. It’s likely that the robots will be faster and stronger than before since the last time BattleBots was on TV was well over a decade ago. According to Deadline, ABC will air six episodes of the show this summer, and while that might not sound like a lot, I’m still very, VERY excited about it!! Continue reading “The RETURN…of…BATTLEBOTS!!!!!”

Deutsche Bahn Rail Network to Fight Vandalism with Drones

Oh the drone; from national defense overseas, to personal photography and to aerial artwork, they are finding new applications for use every day. The usage of drones has caught the attention of  Germany’s national rail network, and they wish to utilize them as a way to defend their trains from the evil known as vandalism.  When you think about it, after YOUR trains have been defaced approximately 14,000 times in 2012 ALONE (as Deutsche Bahn’s trains were) and you had to spend $9.8 million for clean-up, you’d start thinking about using flying robots to bust those vandals, too.   Continue reading “Deutsche Bahn Rail Network to Fight Vandalism with Drones”

Georgia Tech Developing Human-like, Realistic Robot Eyes; Earns SkyNet Contract…

There you go, ladies and gentlemen; proof of the inevitable robot apocalypse.

It appears that in an effort is being made to design and create the cyborgs and robots who will eventually launch a nuclear attack to wipe out humankind and have us all enslaved by SkyNet. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology (a.k.a., Georgia Tech) are playing the role of Cyberdyne Systems, and have developed a system that would control cameras in robots that uses similar functionality as human muscle, making video feeds from said robots more intuitive.   Continue reading “Georgia Tech Developing Human-like, Realistic Robot Eyes; Earns SkyNet Contract…”

Attack of the Laser-Controlled Micro-robot Bubbles!!

Why, you ask?  Why would bubbles be chosen over four-wheeled remote cars or planes, human-like androids, or even a kite?  Because SCIENCE, that’s why!  Researchers at the University of Hawaii (located in my birth state; AWESOME) have designed and built microscopic robots made from a single bubble and have their movement controlled by lasers.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Check out a video bubble ballet demonstration after the break.

Continue reading “Attack of the Laser-Controlled Micro-robot Bubbles!!”