Harvard University Develops Robot That Crawls Like a Snake; You Won’t Want These in Your Boots…

Scientists at Harvard University have created a soft, tube-like robot with silicone rubber acting as its artificial skin. The laser-cut rubber used is a thin, stretchable plastic sheet, with the cuts, shaped like triangles or circles, look similar to the scales on the skin of snakes. The robot is able to move as air is pumped into the tube, which allows the robot to expand and contract, resulting in the scales to pop up and anchor against the ground, pulling the robot in a forward motion. As for moving backwards; the researchers are still trying to figure that out. Continue reading “Harvard University Develops Robot That Crawls Like a Snake; You Won’t Want These in Your Boots…”

Cyborg Cockroach Controlled By Phone

This totally reminds me of the parasitic mushrooms that would inspire the multiple antagonists in the PlayStation 3 exclusive “The Last of Us”! The RoboRoach is a system that takes a real live cockroach — under an anesthetic — attach wires to their antennas from a special lightweight backpack, and control them like an RC car via a smartphone app.  The project, created by University of Michigan grads Greg Gage and Tim Marzullo — both with neuroscience backgrounds —  as they wanted to show students what brain spiking activity actually looks like with the use of some off-the-shelf electronic devices. Continue reading “Cyborg Cockroach Controlled By Phone”

Deutsche Bahn Rail Network to Fight Vandalism with Drones

Oh the drone; from national defense overseas, to personal photography and to aerial artwork, they are finding new applications for use every day. The usage of drones has caught the attention of  Germany’s national rail network, and they wish to utilize them as a way to defend their trains from the evil known as vandalism.  When you think about it, after YOUR trains have been defaced approximately 14,000 times in 2012 ALONE (as Deutsche Bahn’s trains were) and you had to spend $9.8 million for clean-up, you’d start thinking about using flying robots to bust those vandals, too.   Continue reading “Deutsche Bahn Rail Network to Fight Vandalism with Drones”

Kuratas, the 13-foot mech: unleashes your inner Ripley, costs $1.35 million

Remember Troy’s Ripley-inspired costume from the zombie-filled Halloween episode of Community?  Or maybe you always wanted to your own personal Voltron and/or Megazord, right? Suidobashi Heavy Industries is about to make your dreams come true, as they have finally put the finishing touches on their most recent project.  That project is: a 4.4-ton Kuratas mobile suit, courtesy of artist Kogoro Kurata and robotics expert Wataru Yoshizaki for the robot frame.   Continue reading “Kuratas, the 13-foot mech: unleashes your inner Ripley, costs $1.35 million”