The Wave, A Wearable MIDI Music/Sound Controller In The Form of a Ring

Genki Instruments is attempting to create one wearable sound controller ring to rule them all (sorry; had to do it).  The Wave is a MIDI controller housed in a wearable ring that controls sound, allowing you to play and modify sounds in thin air as it’s being made.  Essentially, it allows you to create and perform music in multiple, varied ways and is designed to work with keyboards, guitars, and even multiple music apps, such as Logic. Continue reading “The Wave, A Wearable MIDI Music/Sound Controller In The Form of a Ring”

My 27th Year Celebrated Today

How do you celebrate your own birthday on a blog?  In the real world (or in real life, or IRL), there are cards, drinks, cakes, singing, laughing, and well-wishes from your friends and family (by the way, BIG THANKS to my friends and family for the birthday wishes).  I also realize that I have already covered much of my childhood, adolescence, teenage years, college days, and professional experience in the 110+ blog entries I’ve made.   I guess rather than find another way to wedge other personal stories and details into yet another blog entry, I’d do this:


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"Bring back WWE King of the Ring," says

I’ve been saying this OVER & OVER & OVER again since 2003.

In this article from, writer Michael Burdick discusses his wish for the WWE to bring back King of the Ring, one of the company’s trademark and (formally) annual events, citing the history-making moments and the potiential of increasing talent credentials with current WWE stars.   What began as a annual live show in 1985 and became an annual pay-per-view event in 1993, WWE cancelled the event after the 2002 edition, only to bring it back in a small-scale form in 2006, 2008, and 2010 during episodes of RAW or SmackDown. Continue reading “"Bring back WWE King of the Ring," says”

WWE vs. TNA vs. ROH. Who Wins? Wrestling Fans Win!!

Later this month, Ring of Honor Wrestling (ROH) will return to television from HDNet, to the more-available Sinclair Broadcast Group networks (includes over-the-air stations Fox, ABC, The CW, and MyNetworkTV).  With ROH’s return to television, the professional wrestling scene in the United States will become more interesting, especially since World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) are already in the picture.  Why is that, you ask. One word: COMPETITION.   Continue reading “WWE vs. TNA vs. ROH. Who Wins? Wrestling Fans Win!!”