Remember When Rhyno wrestled for WCW? Yeah, Me Neither…

Before he was the elder statesman of the NXT roster, before he hung out with Edge & Christian in high-profile WWE matches, and before being the ballistic missile of Pal Heyman’s ECW (and being its final champion before closing its doors), Rhyno had wrestled a few matches with WCW (and WWF) 20 years ago.  After watching the match above, I took note of a couple … Continue reading Remember When Rhyno wrestled for WCW? Yeah, Me Neither…

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Stolen Bridges, Space Naps, Console Designs & Rhynos! – WIRed #73

Howdy, Hey There And Hello! This week on WIRed, I uncover the recent phenomenon of bridge theft (and I mean walking/car BRIDGES), how do you sleep in the deep reaches of space where no one can hear you snore, the online catalog of video game console history, and IT’S RHYNO! IT’S RHYNO! GORE! GORE! GORE!

Continue reading “Stolen Bridges, Space Naps, Console Designs & Rhynos! – WIRed #73”

‘The War Machine” Rhino on His ECW/WWE Transition and the Spinaroonie

Popular professional wrestler and the final original Extreme Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight and Television Champion Rhyno (or Rhino) was recently interviewed by WOIO-TV CBS-19 entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet. Rhino was taking part in PRIME Wrestling’s Wrestlelution 6 in (“Moon Over”) Parma, OH when he was interviewed, Rhino compared his time in ECW, WWE, and TNA — along with the lessons learned in each promotion–, what the “suicidal, homicidal, genocidal” Sabu taught him, his dream of being a WWE Superstar, whether he ever took it easy on his opponents when giving the Gore and much more. Continue reading “‘The War Machine” Rhino on His ECW/WWE Transition and the Spinaroonie”

Ring of Honor Wrestling Has A S.C.U.M. Problem

Rogue factions are nothing new in the world of professional wrestling. The Hart and Heenan families of the WWF in the 80’s and 90’s, the UWFi in New Japan Pro Wrestling in the mid-90’s, the New World Order in WCW in the mid-90’s, and today’s most current examples would be Aces & Eights in TNA Wrestling and The Shield in WWE.  While the antics of the biker gang/Sons of Anarchy-inspired Aces & Eights and the riot police-inspired Shield are the better known current rogue angles in pro wrestling, an other one must be mentioned. That faction is one of suffering, chaos, ugliness, and mayhem, otherwise known as S.C.U.M, running wild in Ring of Honor Wrestling.   Continue reading “Ring of Honor Wrestling Has A S.C.U.M. Problem”

The WWE Superstars with A ‘Secret’ WCW Past

It’s no secret of surprise that many talented personalities in professional wrestling has competed in multiple organizations; that’s just the nature of the business, or ANY business for that matter.  Some wrestlers get their start in one company and become extremely popular for the next one they work for. Some start off popular in one and then fizzle out in the next, while some become a huge star in one and continue being top tier talent in the next company. has complied a list of 15 WWE Superstars who used to compete in WCW that may have not been of the knowledge of its common fans. Many of us already know of Triple H’s run in WCW as Paul Levesque, The Undertaker as “Mean” Mark Callous (get it?), and even Barry Horowitz, considered as one of the hardest working men in the business, but here are 5 particular superstars that personally escaped my own mind.   Continue reading “The WWE Superstars with A ‘Secret’ WCW Past”