FotoJet, an AWESOMELY Simple (& Free) Web-Based Photo Editing Suite

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There exist many photo editing programs, both online-based and offline-based.  In a sea of options, I wanted to see what made PearlMountain Technology Company’s FotoJet a practical online photo editing program. It must be said that it certainly helps to have had some experience with other photo editing products before jumping into any program of that type. Fortunately for newcomers, that won’t apply for FotoJet, as it lets you edit photos, create collages, make photo cards, posters and practically anything else with the greatest of ease, which — in my mind — makes it one of the best free online photo editors/collage maker available today. Continue reading “FotoJet, an AWESOMELY Simple (& Free) Web-Based Photo Editing Suite”

“PDFConverter Free Converter Tool” Quick Review

Create and convert PDF to Word, Excel, Powerpoint online free  #pdf:

Back in the day (which I’m targeting at between 2003 and 2014), I remember using a number of programs and services to create PDFs from Microsoft Office (back when I USED to use it) files – from Word, Excel and PowerPoint – to creating Office files in those formats FROM a PDF file (which was a nightmare in many cases). Since I’ve moved to Google Drive exclusively as my office suite, I’ve had no issues translating Drive files to PDFs, but back in my days of using Office on an everyday basis, it can be best described as a coin toss in terms of PDF conversions working well. I was recently contacted by a representative from a company that offers a free, web-based PDF converter called, well,; which not only converts Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to PDFs, but ALSO converts from PDFs to those Microsoft Office files. After some quick testing with some older Office files I have and a work computer that was running Office 2007, I was left very impressed. Continue reading ““PDFConverter Free Converter Tool” Quick Review”

Pavillion Neurobridges Alien Brawls- WIRed #108

It’s time for Episode 108 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses the shell-shaped Serpentine Gallery structure, the brain moving limbs without the spinal cord, the best review of Aliens: Colonial Marines, and the cancelled WWE Brawl video game! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Pavillion Neurobridges Alien Brawls- WIRed #108”

The Best Review for ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’…ugh.

File:AliensColonialMarinesBox.pngOh boy, now we’re talking about this one. It’s no question that the biggest disappointment in gaming from 2013 was the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines. After more than a decade in development and suffering through delays, layoffs, cancellations and un-cancellations (if that’s even a word; I don’t know), the game still looked very promising in preview screenshots, videos and gameplay; heck, I got to play a preview version of the game at the GameStop Expo in 2012, and it was wonderful.  Then, the game came out. The game included numerous bugs, bad ally and enemy A.I., unbalanced gameplay, low quality graphics in the single-player game, a crude and poorly implemented co-op multiplayer mode, and lack of a continuity with the Alien films (despite the developer’s claims that the game is supposed to be canon to the films). However, a Steam user essentially wrote a review describing his feelings on the game, and it’s by far the best review I’ve read of the game. Continue reading “The Best Review for ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’…ugh.”

HAPPY NEW YEAR & “The PractitioNERD” 2012-In-Review!!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: 4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 21,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 5 Film Festivals Click here to see the complete report full of nerdy factoids and what-cha-ma-info! Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR & “The PractitioNERD” 2012-In-Review!!

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